“Sojourning the Light”


The Monasteries in Bucovina, Nth East Romania. Our stay at the La Rota guesthouse just outside the little village of Gura Humorului has been a most peaceful event. nice quite location on the edge of town….perhaps a little too much green for me…at least there are no cows wandering around mooing etc. the guest house owner has lots of lovely rabbits, chooks. dogs and beautiful garden pots and beds everywhere. summer is short,strong and vibrant here. all the flowers. trees, shrubs etc  just get on with with their flowering stuff before winter comes back with its sub-zero temperatures and snow. all is aglow with vibrant colour for our 5 day stay here…lucky us. and it only rained a little even though rain was forecast for the entirety of our stay here.

On Friday, yep Friday the 3th we headed of to visit some wonderful Christian Orthodox monasteries. Wow. 14th-15th centuries. beauties. all we visited were Nunneries. all were strict about taking Photos inside the buildings…I did manage to capture a few beauties before getting the crook “eye” from the Nun in charge.  all but one of the monasteries had 3 inner chambers. all were adorned with beautiful very Christian frescoes depicting ideas, teaching, and scenes from both the Old Testament and the New Testament…out of the 4 monasteries we visited I was very touched by the huge painting of “Jacobs-Ladder” and the deeply moving fresco of “Creation”. real Wow stuff. my humble words convey little of what I saw and felt. I did take lots of Photos of all 4 monasteries. and I have managed to acquire a few lovely little Icons and other goodies along the way. No idea how I am going to carry them back to OZ Land as my bag is full already…..Help from above is needed here……may have to offer prayers and gifts…..Icons perhaps…? and yes I did manage to see an old steam train…Yipeeeeee….lucky me.

We head North tomorrow then south to our next 7 day stay…. Megalithic country…hoping to see some beauties.

Mjw 15-7-18    A few Photos. Enjoy.

















”Saints and Sinners”


Another Day in Bucharest, Great start to the day trying to use too many appliances at once in our lovely B &B apartment. resulted in a “little” melt down ……washing machine stopped mid cycle. electric jug went dead, expresso coffee machine died, No charging of my IPhone, or computer. things were not looking good…I being a sinner caused all this “stuff”. eventually our great host came over in his lunch break and fixed it all in no time….back to normal ..till next time. fingers crossed.

After this little bit of sinful stuff we wandered of into the huge local park to look at beautiful trees from all parts of the globe. young couples rowing around on a man made lake …..they all looked to be in Love. lots of birds in cages’s you know the usual….. then off up town to look at a local antique centre…Susi had already seen it and said just a lot of old dusty metal junk….not trusting her I insisted we go there together as there may be that hidden treasure that I have been looking for all my Life…?…yep,”just a lot of old dusty metal junk”. Why is she always right…!!!  visit a locak bookshop….a little to white for me. I left early and was harassed for it….yes I sinned again….Now I needed to go to church to ask forgiveness for my days wrathfulness. yep the closes church was the very beautiful “Stavropoleos Monastery Church” and yep you guessed it it was the church of “Saints Archangels Michael and Gabriel”…( both Wrathful Saints)…This very lovely intimate church was built in the Post-Brancovan style. Founded in 1726. Just stunning and our timing was perfect .They started a most wonderful service just after we entered the inner santem of its state….Wow there were several Nuns chanting. Priest chanting and saying prayers the whole place buzzed with memories of my childhood days of being forced to go to church every week…..But, this was different. I wanted to be there. it was a Great unfolding spiritual process to experience on many levels. the chanting, the prayers in Romanian. the whole eclectic atmosphere. all those who prayed. chanted, and looked towards their God for salvation over hundreds of years. their essence could be felt by those with “Ears in their hearts” a most wonderful experience for me and made me a little wrathful.  After this down saintly process we dashed down the alleyway to a great nosh spot. good food and Plonk…..the Sojourn continues.

Mjw. A few Photos of the days adventures. Enjoy.















“Gently we walk”


Bucuresti- As the locals call it. A lovely Old 14th century Romania City. I feel a little forgotten on the edge of Greater Europe. population of just under 2 million. and yes just as many cars. but we are currently in school holiday season so not so busy. A real change of state for me after Morocco for 2 full on weeks. I have just wanted to  lay- low for refuiling my various bodily parts both physical & spiritual. So am doing so today…even Susi is embracing this process.

Over the last couple of days we have walked gently around this lovely city of Bucuresti enjoying its old churches….(yes I have managed to buy 2 small Icons of Christ on my first day) ….various great restaurants for local food. just enjoying another Place. another “state” on this unfolding Sojourn. Ever so  “Gently We Walk”. observing and feeding the body with Great New Impressions to ponder and feed upon over our days ahead.

Mjw.  A few Photos. Enjoy.

“At Journeys End”


All Sojourns are just states of “Being”. On this occasion we were a gathering of shall we say…Mad-hatters..sharing stories, ideas,bad jokes,travel tales, work ideas and deep friendships. that. I am hoping will last to Eternity. We all scatter to various parts of this beautiful globe we call Earth. all taking fresh impressions to feed upon and share with kindred folk.

The drive from Fes to Casablanca was hot. cramped but unaventful. I am glad we avoided the train ride. all our heavy bags are getting out of control…especially mine. must be full of Ferrets and friends…! Casablanca, our stay at the IBIS Hotel was a bad joke, terrible every thing….should had stayed at the “Shabby” Hotel Central. lots more ambience, old world charm and great service at half the price. We live and learn. Off to our Big night at Ricks Cafe. Yes we booked ahead and in doing so got a great table location…and yes you guessed it the only night of the week they don’t have live entertainment was our night…Some of us got a little “Plonked-out”  that was entertaining for all….Us Ozzies know how to Party even in Casablanca. but all had a great evening, food, Rick’s Cafe atmosphere and wonderful company was the setting for yet another ending to another Great Sojourn to Fes. Thank you Kim, Andrew, Maryanne, Sandy, Don, Lucy, Jane, Marisa, Susi, Steph and all those memories that Sojourn with us. Till we all meet again at our next Fessie lunch where ever that may be…..?

Mjw 5/7/18. a few snapshots. Enjoy.

“Fes, colours, music & grazing”


At Days End. Well another wonderful Sojourn to lovely old Fes with a group of “Mad-hatters”. All whom I love dearly. The Sacred music Festival was blessed with the benificial weather “God”s”. Yep no rain at all to wash out even one concert. Lucky us. This years Sojourn with a “Gang” here to Fes. was a great social getting to know my close’s friends better. this I enjoyed very much. the fantastic music. wonderful concert locations. stunning restaurants, Great food, a Zikr-Dikr with Hamza and Sufi’s at a local Teki a deep privilege. and catching up with a few local friends was also a pleasure. Very little shopping. I find that I am needing less and less from places that I Sojourn to. in fact I had the great privialliage to bring some great books from OZ Land ….to give back a little in thanks to Fes.

Mjw 2-7-18  a few snapshots to laugh at. Enjoy.

“In search of the Self”


Fes, Is a great  place  for those who may be searching for deeper meaning on their Sojourning. To look deep within the self one should see the reflections of great a Riad with its beautiful fountains, gardens. tiled pathways. stunning archecture all set out in mandala form. This is the “state” that we are currently living in as a base for our adventures into the stomach of Fes. she shares her all to those who give gentle offerings of thanks.

Quote   We should think of oneself as a weaver—in a big tapestry. We don’t see the blobs or the stitches. Let others delight in our story. Our Life must be a micro cosmos of what the universe is doing,                                        Dr P Groves. 8/9/92.

Sufi concerts I just love, but I love more to see the expresions of sheers “Joy” on the faces of the mother’s, children and the Elderly who come each night at 11-00pm to feed upon what these Sufi brother-hoods are sharing. lots of very fine baraka flowing forth from these fine musicians. A true Joy to be passing by for a few moments in their shadows. again I thank you Fes.

Mjw 29/6/18.

“To be at ease with one’s self”


FES Sojourning. yep back here again for the International Festival of World Sacred Music. which runs till next Saturday. Wow, full on as usual. 2–3 concerts a day.

Our Sojourn from Sydney on the cattle plane…..my legs are just too long. if only I was upgraded into first class….these silly thoughts keep wandering through my mind…silly me, to have such wicked thoughts. 24 hours later we arrived at Casablanca, met up with Marisa & Jane at Casa-Port then had a sort of unaventful 4hr train ride to Fes. me expecting to be hassled by the “Taxi-mafia” on our arrival in Fes as we usually are….Well blow me down Mate. no hassles at all. We  got a wonderful fleet of lovely helpful taxie”s and drivers…..Welcome to Fes. yep they drove the few kilometres to the edge of the Old medina like crasey men with a death wish….One’s self said a Great prayer of thanks to the taxi gods….for getting us to our Riad in one piece.

Riad Tahra. our groups accommodation for our Fes Sojourn. very comfortable, very Fessie,  the staff are very much at ease and helpful. Rest at last. Wow, that 24hr Plane trip is just about wearing my body out….perhaps I need to rest the body half way in future…? After settling in the first day. I did have a few stragglers arriving from other countries so needed to hang around for them on our first day. after a Huge Fessie breakfast. we were joined by our local guide Kamal. he gave  my group a good over view of  both local history and the history of Morocco in general. my Gang seemed to be impressed with his indepth knowledge….later I did say to them. he knows a lot because this is what he does and he is trained for it.. He is a lovely guy. and we always ask for him each time we come to Fes with a group. The half day Old medina tour

…..lasted all day till 7pm….we all loved it. yep, those in need of “stuff” to take  back home were well catered for. Fes is a shoppers Delight. as Susi and I have been here several times….Well. we are well past acquiring “stuff”…thank the Gods of “stuff”. besides  my large suitcase  was full on arrival in Fes with What ?  I don’t know….the food. the ambiance. just the name “Fes” conjures up a state of “Ease within in one’s Self” Good to be here again.

A few Photos Enjoy.

Mjw  25/6/18