Faces-To Enter States of Delight


A tribute to the late Nek Chand  (1924-2015) and what would have been his 93d Birthday on the 15th DecemberIt’s two years since this great Outsider artist passed away. entering his Divine Kingdom of Sukrani. May he rest in peace surrounded by the Gods and Goddesses of this sacred spiritual walled garden that he visualised into existence and loved so dearly. He was a true visionary Outsider artist. A man who shared his heart through his great artistic vision. we are left with his vision in stone. metal. and roadside refuge all of which he transformed into magic pieces of sculpture for us to enjoy. appreciate and ponder upon as to its inner nature.

The Photo -images and totem installation that I have put together for this tribute were taken by me on many Sojourns through this visionary state called the Rock Garden. I also had the privilege to exhibit over 40 original drawing done by students from the local art college in Chandigarh. these Portriture drawings were done for a pop-up one day exhibition that I curated in the RG back in 2013. a very lovely collection of drawings of the great man which fitted in beautifully with this three day show at the Roselle School of Visual Arts here in Sydney from 15th to 17th December 2017.

This exhibition was partly a platform for my ongoing-unfolding  “Dead Car Dreaming” process which started back in 2008 in the central desert of Australia. A Sojourn that a close friend and two aboriginal elders went on. our mission was to invite the elders who were the custodians of the Rainbow Serpent dance….we invited them to bring this sacred dance to the East coast and perform it in 2009. during this wonderful two week desert Sojourn I had many insights-visions-dreams-etc-etc thus this new process of “Dead Car Dreaming” was born and will continue unfolding for some time into my future….( I did have a solo show in Chandigarh during the anniversary celebrations in June this year where I had an installation of the totems. this is why they are in this show on faces)

A real pleasure to have had yet another exhibition focusing upon mainly Nek Chand and his great legacy left behind in this fantastic state called the “Rock Garden.”

Michael J Wright  20/12/17.


Sojourning Northern NSW.


A week of catching up with friends. relaxing, visiting local markets, paying a bloody fortune to visit the Crystal Castle garden complex…but you do get to walk the wonderful Labyrinth based on the 800 year old one in Chartres Cathedral France. also the unusual Damanhur Spiral.  which is a crystal spiral and energy link connected to the stone spirals and labyrinths that live in the sacred woods Temple of Damanhur. Northern Italy….not my words…taken from the centres info book…..MMMMmmmm…… moving right along…… Beautiful garden walk. lots of lovely stone Buddhas etc. and a Wow factor huge white healing crystal…here I felt something…nice. forget about the Lotus restaurant. the staff  were not interested at all in customer service. in any form. food was fine. O Yes not forgetting about the indoor plants that play music……..not sharing this, you will have go pay your $28…for this one of a kind experience…..O Dear, The high light of this place for me is the most sacred Buddhist Kalachakra World peace stupa. this huge structure represents many things and process’s on many levels. here it is a stabalising factor. and represents universal Divinity. very great energy here. love it. and it has lots of prayer flags, prayer wheels so it caters for all who are on the metative Parth. 

As Susi and I were

staying at Nth Golden beach. we did catch up with old friends. enjoyed very much sharing a house with two lovely fat cats. not forgetting Susi’s wonderful granddaughter. the main reason why we were here. and Big Wow stuff. they actually got me to go swimming at the local beach……I am not a beach person at all. but it was fun….perhaps there is change in the air…..? saw a little St Art. etc…back to Sydney on Tuesday. and work….  a few Photos. enjoy.

Mjw 30/10/17

“Hidden 2017” Rookwood Dreaming.


Hidden 2017. Rookwood Cemetery Sculpture Walk. This year marks the 150th anniversary of the Worlds largest Victorian cemetery.. situated on the south western fringe of  Sydney. covering well over 700 acres. A city in itself. but only for the physical departed. A  place of dreaming. A doorway to the next Life. The Life that we are all faceing. with perhaps a little uncertainty. as we rumble along in our daily sleep state. Dreaming sites like Rookwood await our iminate arrival. They welcome all. regardless of  one’s baggage. I had visited this resting places of the dead some years back when I was gathering Photo material for an exhibition on the process of  “Resurrection of the Soul”. I spent around a week here on and off. a real adventure if one has a keen eye for the 3d illustration’s that the stonemasons have attempted of the flight of the soul. which tomb art shares. just loved the whole process. I am thinking of puting together another of these Photo installations together. as there is so much lovely ” stone art” that begs to be pondered upon and Photographed in this place (state) Rookwood. A later on “project” onto the pile it goes…..

Back to Hidden 2017. I first heard of this annual sculpture exhibition mid last year. and thought. well. It could be a outlet for an installation by me…? I did inquire about applying for their 2016 exhibition ….No too late. story of my life…So this year I started earlier to get my act together to apply…What can I say it was all around  mid May that I needed to submit my application…with full details of what I was planning to show ( that is if I was excepted ) well here we go again this was just before my departure to Nth India to addend the annual Nek Chand Outsider Art conference which I was presenting a paper at and also putting on a small totem installation to boot. No time once again. We are all so bloody time poor in the West……change is needed here. if I have time…..!

Susi and I ventured out west yesterday for the final day of the month long sculpture exhubition. What a bloody hoot it was. Westie’s having fun. there was lovely old horse drawn coffin carriers. and beautiful horses of cause. bagpipe bands. local ethnic bands. musical performances….MMMMMmmmm….some good….and others. O bloody Dear. food stalls etc. slide lectures on the early history of Sydney town and its notables. both good and naughty. lovely insights into Australias earlt victorian history. So 10 out of 10 for this. Now the art. here I encountered some real attempts at conveying the theme of the 150 year celebration. only “some” at least half of it looked like an end of year art school student show ………not so much poor in quality. but poor in substance. am I being too critical..? perhaps. but thats how I felt about some of the sculptures. not saying I could do better. All in all another Great. if not unusual day of my Life. I will hopefully have the luck and talent

to exhibit there in their 2018 Hidden Sculpture Walk.

A few Photos. enjoy.

Michael J Wright. 25/9/17

“Mandala of healing”


Mandala of Healing – Pathways to the Divine. series 8. part 9. This great healing sojourn started way back in 2000. it was an offshoot from an earler Mandala exhibition-talk process that started around 1997. In 2000 the ” idea ” was given to me out of the blue to start a healing process using the structure of a 3d mandala as the focalpoint-doorway for spiritual healing communities to flow through to touch in some benificial way those in need. in both the local community around Roseville. Sydney and of cause those who were nominated for absent healings.

This series of 9 healing process’s really took on a life of their own. each meeting-gathering was different in content and quality.  I just put the physical components together as a focal point for Greater Life to do what it does best.And that is to try and make itself known to those who have  “Ears in their Hearts”. and are open to receive both physical and spiritual healings. I played no role in this healing process except installing the 3d mandala’s. Greater Life does all real healings via loving spiritual communities . which surround all of us when we are open to them in a real heart felt guesture of asking for help. those in need have to make the effort to ask for help in a personal prayeful way…….these sacred moments do not go unnoticed by Greater Life. we just need to ask in a humble way for help. and if we are truly focused on what we want and need it will be given.

Getting back to the process of “ideas”, now over the last 30 odd years or so. I have been given in vision and via what I called “Inner Ideas” all sorts of wonderful images, poetry etc etc. lots i have constructed into spiritual art-works via the mediums of Painting, sculptur, Printmaking, Photography, Drawings and this year. into Land Art. I have struggled with this concept-process of ” Inner Ideas “…..I usually just except the process given…..From where..?? and get on with doing –constructing it. showing it and then moving along to the next great idea given out of the “blue”…not really being able to describe where in came from in plain English to those who ask questions of Where..?  Why…?  How…? and can you prove it..? I usually just shrug my shoulders and say well it was given to me in vision or I just had a flash of an “Inner Idea” and leave it at that. I recently came across a wonderful piece written by my late teacher of the Great Work. Dr Philip Groves on the process ” Ideas ”  in his writings dated  5/10/1992.  quote

Ideasare a psycho-cosmological instrument that transfers values from a higher level. It’s something that actually exists. Ideas stimulate thoughtsnbut are not thoughts, Idea = eidos =a pattern, form or structure = a presentation to our psyche. Ideas come from beyond us. and outside us. ideas are devices whereby things from one World enter things of this World. We think what what arises from self, comes from self–this is not true. There are values, meanings, energy and virtually inexhaustible content in Ideas. ideas will have a pattern or presentation in the psyche. Be offected  by this concept of ideas. We need a relationship to ideas. Metanoia = is a new thinking about ideas. have a new feeling about ideas. Internal thought is saying ” What does this represent ? What does this correspond to ? What insight do I have ?    end quote

Lots to ponder upon here, huge questions to put out there for all to share, Re-this above quote from Dr P Groves writings.  it gives me foundations, structure and valuable insights into the where. the how and the why of this process Ideas …(for me Inner Ideas)…which are given to me to present and attempt to unfold over my time ahead and into Eternity and Beyond.

I have very much enjoyed putting these healing mandalas together over the last 7  years. but as with all things it has come to a physical end. now I need to draw up all the sacred mandalas, symbols etc etc given in vision during this sacred healing Sojourn through the mandala. then put it all together into a lovely bound a3 journal. hoping to complete this over the next 7 months. a big undertaking. but a fruitful one.

A few photos of the event held Sunday 17/9/17. in Roseville, Sydney. Enjoy.

Michael J Wright 23/9/17.





A week in Review—11/9/17—16/9/17


Sometimes Life is just full on, I normally don’t write a blog post on day to day or week by week stuff. but last week …..well, was a great week. I helped Susi paint out her new beautifully renovated bathroom. Looks great. and she is happy. a very important “state” to be around. ( sorry no Photos too personal ). Next Huge event was my 68th Birthday..Fuc……. now that came around Quickly…..I’ts okay. I still feel like a 16 year old with a great-white beard….though I must say getting out of bed in the morning ….here my body feels a little challenged…..MMMMMmmmmm……Perhaps I need to drink more red -wine and less coffee…?  coffee is my = drug of choice. Birthdays. thank God they only come around once a year…my Facebook page was filled with all sorts of lovely Best Wishes….Good to have lots of FB Friends…..but as in all relationships you have to work on it….Next event. Susi and I met up with our mates from the central coast . over in Erskinville. Sydney. at the local. lovely old Anglican Village Church. for a Saturday afternoon (16/9/17) live performance of the group called Makindu.We were there as they celebrated the release of their debut album titled “Makindu.” this was a special afternoon performance as part of the Sydney Sacred Music Festival…..MMMMMMmmmm…….I think somebody has been to Fez, Morocco. as this is what they call their annual favourite music festival.  which is held annually in May. A small gathering of around 50-60 people. lots of friends. and good sprinkling of blow -inn’s like us. the musicians were all so young…( or we were So bloody Old )…reminded me of my hippy days back in the 1970s. I did tell you I had just turned 68. these guys just put their hearts and souls into their very beautiful music. each peace they performed was from “else-where”. A very relaxing. but uplifting experience for me. perhaps a little too Raw for a Fez performance. but watch this space. they will I hope be there some day sharing their sacred treasures with those who have “Ears in their Hearts”. yep I bought one of their CDs. great music investment. and it helps them cover their performance costs…I know intermitly about this process being an artist also, I’ts hard. but you gottenr do what you gotter Do..I did manage to catch up with my old Photographer friend. Jenny Templen. who shared gossip  on the doing’s  and where- about’s of her spiritual teacher Baba. and some of his deciples. He is such a character. though we had a personality clash and falling out some years back….I do still love him dearly as a friend.  AAAAArrrrr…..Life as it is…! After the performance Susi and I had a wonderful catch up at a local coffee – pizza cafe for a good chin-wag over very yummy coffee. always good to share time & good coffee with those you love. Next Susi and I picked up Pete and Lyn  ( her brother & sister-in-law)  in Nth Sydney. for our 4 Birthday celebrations, Susi’s, Lyn’s Pete’s and mine streaching in time from April to September……It’s the bloody thought that counts. not the time delay……So dinner at the very lovely  ….very Japanese restaurant Mino over in Military Rd Mosman   (Ph 02-9960 3351).  Now if you want the full on Japanese food experience. without going to Japan this is where you go in Sydney town. Just fantastic, very cool atmosphere. great…as always service. and the food. “Wow”. not forgetting the presentation which of cause the Japanese excell in. the cost, around $70-per head, but very much worth it. as it is a real experience in eating visually very yummy food. We will be back thee soon. Highly recommend a visit there and Enjoy.

So that was up to Saturday 16th September….next Post is for Sunday 17th.

A few Photos to get you excited…..Ha,

Mjw. 22/9/17