Crisis point but looking good


15 days to D Day but who’s counting?

Picked up all the remaining photo images this week. All were printed up the wrong size to my original plan which was to look into the totem  window or doorway at them. I had a quiet meltdown. Well, maybe not so quiet … Now, to my surprise (and delight), because of the way that they were printed up, the images look out at the viewer. Ironically, this really is what I wanted in the first place. So life is circular.

On the topic of circles / mandalas, go to the Triam Press website where I currently have an online exhibition of sacred visionary mandalas. Go to Gallery for images.

Here are some mandalas I created last year in Naggar, Kullu (North India) at  the Roerich Gallery. The mandalas were made from rice grains, lentils, mung beans, seeds etc sourced from the local markets. At the end of the exhibition, all materials were recycled … yes, eaten! From mandala to dinner.

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