The delights of Chandigargh


Today we went to the Rock Garden to discuss plans for my exhibition with the director Nek Chand. He had a delighted grin on his face when he saw the flyers and catalogue and seems quite happy with my plans.

The mosaics in Phase 3 section of the garden are really coming along beautifully. Lots have been installed and completed since I was here last August and this mosaic sun is one example. If you’re interested in seeing more, send a comment and I’ll post a bigger selection.

After meeting with Nek, we squeezed ourselves into an auto-rickshaw and watched the driver work up a sweat transporting us to the centre of Chandigargh, where we handed out a few flyers to local shops to advertise my exhibition.

Nek and MichaelMosaic sunPoster Boy


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  1. MW i am just blown away that you have a blog!! I thought you were playing – as usual. And you are already in India, My goodness ! The sun mozaic is very beautiful, please post more photos of the garden and the artwork. And thank you for keeping us posted (!) on the daily goings on. I will put this link up on Triam website tonight, sorry i have been so busy …. love

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