Good Friday?


Today is a public holiday In India for – what else but Good Friday. Whilst we expect this in Australia, it caught us by surprise and reminded us of the need to always stay flexible and expect the unexpected in India. So we ditched our plans to distribute flyers for the exhibition (because everything was closed) and joined some of the locals by heading off to the Mansa Devi temple, a pilgrim spot for the goddess Chandi (see photo below) who gave her name to the city Chandigargh. We were the only Western tourists in a sea of Indian faces, many of whom stared long and hard at the Western dude with the long white beard.

Bindi powder Temple queue

Goddess Chandi

Tomorrow is the big day. Full moon rising and a few last minute finishing touches to all the artworks in the hotel room. Do I look stressed?

Finishing touches



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  1. How very exciting and how appropriate to be going to the Temple to give thanks to the goddess of the town that you are exhibiting in……must be a good omen to be sure….I wish you well & wish I was there with you….reading your blog helps me to be in India each day…I can smell her….Kate

  2. Enjoyed catching up with your blog after more than a week out of Internet range – the exhibition looks great – congratulations!

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