Three minutes of fame


Four years it has taken me to get to this exhibition in this Paradise of Truth. Nek Chand has said, “It is your garden for the next nine days.” So it is my time to journey through this wonderful epic garden of truth.

Time and this Dream World – taken from Shabistari’s “The Secret Rose Garden”


The past has flown away,
the coming month and year do not exist

Ours only is the present’s tiny points.

Time is but a fancied dot ever moving on
which you have called a flowing river-stream.

I am alone in a wide desert,
 listening to echoes of strange noises.

India. Its colour, its wonderful warm-hearted people, its diversity of spiritual paths. All these aspects of life flow constantly through this mythic mandala. Over the coming nine days, its spiritual ambrosia I will enjoy.  I hope that the thousands of daily visitors will enjoy my 21 sacred mythic images as much as I am enjoying just being here.

Enjoy these photos of the opening. The image that I gave to Nek Chand is titled “The Garden of Truth”. We had lots of press coverage of the opening – all were curious as to why I was having this exhibition here, outside in the garden instead of in a nice, cosy commercial gallery. My reply was that I just love this garden and that I am an international Outsider artist. What else could I say?


Nek gift 1

Nek gift 2

Nek gift 3

Launch display

Totem triad

Phone image

TV 1

TV 2

Newspaper 1


3 responses »

  1. It must be a dream come true….for you and how wonderful to have it in a garden setting…..honouring the garden of truth….wot a controversial subject this dialogue on truth is…I so love the photo of you standing in the half moon of your tranquil exhibition……amongst the stone…

  2. congratulations…
    such a beautiful journey with so saced images and simply beyond words…
    love and light to you and Nek Chand xxxoooo

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