Easter Sunday


Birthday dinner

After yesterday’s three big processes – Susi’s birthday, the full moon and my first day of the journey through the labyrinth of the garden of paradise – we set up the next location in Phase 3 of the garden, amongst huge old trees backed by a guarding wall. The fantasy of this place seems never ending.

To get to this area, we were able to travel through the garden via the unique maze of terraced walkways which are hidden from the general public. These hidden paths are on top of the walls and offer views over the garden from above. I believe that they are made for the gods of Nek Chand’s world, for them to look down on their creation, level upon level. Or am I reading too much into this Alice in Wonderland Indian fantasy?

The thousands of visitors to the gardens today were mainly Indian tourists with a sprinkling of Westerners. The Indians who came up and talked to us either wanted their photo taken with us or were being very friendly and curious about our background details. All in all, a good day in the Rock Garden.

Trees 1 Trees 2


Trees 5

After an unexpected windy period amongst the trees (with the totems falling down like dominoes), we moved to a more sheltered spot with the help of our willing Rock Garden helpers.



Some general photos of the swing area in Phase 3:

High swing

Orange flowers

Mirror hall

Cat walkway


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  1. Happy Birthday suzi -wow the works just look amazing and surreal against those trees –
    the wind ? doesn’t that bring the ancesters? what have you stirred up – so kind of like a progressive dinner party we look forward to digesting the next course in the next location -like truth itself always is so the many faces of grace are …….love to you both on this very exciting journey, so grateful you are sharing with us, incredible generosity -thank you xxxxxooo

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