Day 3 of the journey inwards. In this world of doors, walls of stone, many paths lead to strange states. Some very gentle, others that excite the emotions to the point of wonder. Then you are confronted by another door through which you must humble yourself to pass through into another state to excite the senses and emotions even more.

My spiritual teacher Dr Philip Groves said that doors correspond to the possibility of you passing from one part of yourself into a bigger, a broader, a richer part of yourself spiritually.

Today’s location was at the junction of 3 pathways, all representative of the possibility of leading to greater broader spiritual states of being. We watched, we listened, we observed. Those who passed by all seemed to have great love for this great garden and that which inhabits it.

Today was yet another eventful day. The gentle zephyr breeze came up and some of the totems thought they were kites. Today’s photos include one totem which was speared by its own stand right through the neck, and another which temporarily lost its window shade in a fall. Thank god for super glue.

As we move the totems around daily, they will be probably be almost antiques by Day 9.

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