Rock Garden Dreaming


Day 5 of the journey into Nek Chand’s fantasy world.

The local fruit and vegetable market was our first stop. Wow, the variety of fruit in this north Indian city was quite surprising. We loaded up with bananas and mandarins and Susi took lots of photos of the market life. Behind the markets, we stumbled across a wonderful temple called Satsan Bhawan. We took lots more photos here and I managed to drop my camera down onto the marble floor at the foot of the mother goddess, Chandi. A loud and unexpected “****” came from my mouth and the attending priests were just as startled as me. The camera lay there on the marble floor, the automatic zoom lens zooming in and out for what felt like ages. I looked at the goddess and she just smiled – that’s what she does. Humility was the day’s process I needed to follow. A few moments later I tripped over a barrier in the same temple. Now, what was this telling me?

After our morning’s adventures, we caught a fast tuk tuk (ha!) to the garden to set everything up by 1 pm, as per our daily routine. Another excellent spot, following the shade around our token tree over the next 4 hours. Lots of interest, different setting.

Shifa Mahajan, the local NCF (Nek Chand Foundation) representative visited us. She is just so passionate about the Rock Garden and a true outsider artist in her own right. We will be putting a lively program together for the last day (Sunday 15 April) with an on the spot art competiton etc. More about this later.

I am getting lots of press coverage. Must be the beard – I can’t think of any other reason!

After the day’s events, we ate an early dinner  in our hotel, after which there was a huge cyclonic storm with wild winds, torrential rain and lighting for over an hour. The local gods are awake and observing all their creations.

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  1. Beautiful background, again, so many figure sitting stillness and dogs, animals -sitting with emotions? a smiling goddess and stirring up a storm -how wonderfilled a time you are having and becoming a celebrity as well -love to you both xxmaryanne and andrew

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