Shadows and light


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We started Day 6 with a visit to the Punjab Arts Council, which has a portrait gallery of decades of famous writers, poets, musicians etc as well as an amazing collection of traditional musical instruments. Then on to Books and Brew Cafe in Sector 16, where murals painted by Shifa Mahajan adorn the cafe walls.

In the Rock Garden, the photo-totems hung on the fence under triads of dancing figures, close to a great leafy tree. Without shade, we are baked by the reflection from all the tiles on Nek Chand’s sculptures, so we are learning to chase any shade we can find as the sun moves during the afternoon. The angle of the sun on the totems was amazing in this spot, causing them to glow with an inner golden light.

Our evening meal was topped off with a special Punjabi treat called Kadi Pakora prepared by Ashish Bali (Head Chef at the Hometel Hotel). Kadhi is a blend of yogurt and besan (gram flour) and it’s served in a curry base with plain rice. Yummm!


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