Chasing shadows


Off to the local College of Arts to let art students know about the exhibition and Sunday’s art competition, only to discover – you guessed it and we didn’t – that it was another public holiday and the college was closed for the day! This time for Baisakhi, a harvest festival in the Punjab.

However, we were lucky to meet up with Pramod and Garima, two post-graduate students who were keen enough to go in to college on their day off and they showed us around the college grounds. We were quite impressed by the generally high standard of work we saw there. My favourite piece was a large multi-faceted tree trunk with animals carved into it but you had to look hard to see all of them.

Pramod and Garima ended up coming with us to the Rock Garden, where we spent most of the afternoon sharing ideas, both spiritual and artistic, and talking with them about their hopes and dreams for the future. Both are very passionate about their art – Garima as a mosaic artist / painter and Pramod as a painter/ sculptor and documentary film maker.

Once again, we spent the afternoon chasing the shade around a single tree. Because of the public holiday, crowds were bigger than during the earlier part of the week.

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  1. crikey well done u 2 were envious for the colourful change u have envoked thankyou for the travel logue keep dancing all our love and blessings from the wet jungle S

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