And then the rain came down …


Day 8. Back to our original spot in the garden, close to the first waterfall from where we heard the constant chatter of large crowds jostling for the best posing positions on the slippery rocky slopes in front of the falls. A little excitement when a young man slipped on the rocks and fell into the water. He looked extremely wet and bedraggled after being picked up by his friends.

We spent part of the afternoon picking up fallen photo-totems, when people (mainly children) knocked over a tripod stand while touching or posing right in front of the art work. This, in turn, knocked over all the totem stands lined up next to it.

After the third or fourth domino spectacular, we changed the display from totems perched on tripods to a washing line effect strung on the rocks. This was obviously a sign for rain to start.

Interestingly, the rain on the front of the photos made the faces look like they were crying. After half an hour of fairly solid rain and very diminished and wet crowds, it was time to pack up for the day and head off to the clothing markets in Sector 22.

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