Day 9 Remembering – Part 1


We start the day with the usual tuk-tuk game. They say 100 rupees, we say 60. Back and forth, back and forth. And we always pay the same amount (70 rupees) from the street adjacent to our lovely Hometel hotel to the Rock Garden. It’s getting a little tedious.

We set up the 21 photo-images on their tripods just before the first waterfall again but this time we have come well prepared, roping off the area with thick rope and a series of paper images (with a touch of small kitch kangaroos) so that people – big and small – cannot touch the totems and knock the bloody things over. I am a slow learner and should have done this when using the tripods on the first day. And every day when using the tripods since. We survive the day without a single totem domino extravaganza.

Thousands of people visiting the garden on the ninth and final day of the exhibition as it is Sunday and also a public holiday. The journey’s end, nine days or states explored, lots of ideas given along the way, further fuel for one’s spiritual transformation.

What is more fitting now than to quote one of my favourite poets?

Shabistari, the 13th century poet, in his book “The Secret Garden” wrote:

One day at the dawn
The fair idol entered my door
And woke me from my sleep
Of slothful ignorance.
The secret chamber of my soul
Was illumined by His face,
And my being was revealed to me
In its true light.
I heaved a sigh of wonder
When I saw that fair face.
He spoke to me, saying,
“All thy life thou has sought
Name and fame;
This self-seeking of thine
Is an illusion, keeping thee back from Me.
To glance at My face for an instant
Is worth a thousand years of devotion.”
Yes, the face of that world-adorner
Was shown unveiled before mine eyes;
My soul was darkened with shame
To remember my lost life,
My wasted days.

And my response to that?

To Journey
To Remember
To See the Self
To Know Truth
To Love the Lord God and thy neighbour as One.

These are the shared gifts received from entering the garden of outer and inner life. Be passionate in your vision. Keep your dreams alive and journey.

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  1. A beautiful completion -around in and about the enneagram with rain for renewal and a thousand other inspirations -here’s to you Micheal full of grace!

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