Day 9 Remembering – Part 2


The final and ninth day of the exhibition included an art competition, the first prize being one of the 21 photo-totems being exhibited. We had a small but keen group of art students from the local art college who roamed the garden in the early afternoon, sketching images of their choice.

The day ended with the presentation of the first and second prize winners of the art competition (selected by me and co-judged by Nek Chand) and a surprise presentation of a photo-totem to each of the 12 participating artists and to Shifa, the local NCF voluteer. We found it very difficult to choose a single competition winner as the work was all so good. I felt that these students had put their hearts into it so much that they were all winners. They were all given the opportunity to choose their own totem.

The winner was Shilpy Negi who comes from Ludhiana.

In appreciation for his generosity in allowing me to use the Rock Garden for my exhibition, I also donated a set of seven of my totems to Nek Chand for the Rock Garden museum, which is currently under construction.

I would like to thank four very special people for making this final day such a success – Shifa, Pramod, Garima and my partner Susi (for putting up with me).

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  1. Just a big wow! Awesome, so many people engaged actively and so obviously touched by the special magic/spirit/grace of the exhibitions -hugs and kisses to you both -hope you are celebrating -so well done! such a delight! thank you for your generousity in sharing your journey with us.

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