Adventures in Amritsar


On our way to the Sri Durgiana (Hindu) Temple, we wandered down alleyways off the main road to find all sorts of hidden Hindu temples tucked away behind shops, houses and schools. A spritual feast of ambrosia. Lots of photography of sacred faces. In two hours I gathered enough images for at least three sacred faces exhibitions. But where to have the next one? Paris perhaps? Meanwhile Susi was busy photographing street scenes and macro details, as she does.

The Mata Temple was one of the most extraordinary new temples we have ever seen. It includes a copy of almost every major Hindu deity. This temple complex is a cross between Disneyland, the Egyptian underworld (The Duat) and the Roman Catacombs and we loved it.

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Today we leave Amristar for Delhi, and hopefully our next hotel will have wifi …

The poem below was presented to me as I meditated in the vortex of  The Golden Temple. Enjoy.

Golden Temple In Remembrance
Twelve noon by Sight,
Glitters, glitters of Golden Light.
Domed temples of Good.
Cool lake of Truth
Golden, Golden, Golden.
Enter, enter this Mandala of Light.
Holy by nature, Truth by Divine Light.
Celestial by Sight, One must drink in the Light.
Pilgrims, many entering into the Golden Light.
Holy, Holy, Holy.
Heavenly states.
The Way, the Way of Light
Golden Temple bathed in Light.
Depth of states,
Inner states of Delight.
Enter, enter into the Past and Present with Delight.
Enter the bosom of Golden Temple.
Rose in hand and heart open with Delight.


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  1. Dear Susi and Michael, sorry I hadn’t registered your blog and not something I do so often. Thanks for reminding me. WOW what an amazing and special journey. Photos bring back so many memories of India – the Golden Temple I remember as being a place of deep peace and beauty. So appreciate seeing the work and the journey from afar – poems arising from spaces of inspiration and connection.
    thinking of you both with love and many blessings for your continuing journey. Francine

  2. love the photos – so vivid and colourful and i can almost smell it and hear the noises.
    it seems that the whole event went well…..and your back in sydney again…
    always have a problem adjusting. be proud, what a trip!

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