From Ambrosia to Baraka


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Delhi, Day 20 of our epic journey to NW India. After my heart-starter of real coffee at the Chocolata, it was time for Sufi tomb visiting. The first one was a swish, modern centre /tomb of Hazrat-Inayat Khan, just off the Lodi Road in Old Delhi. This centre caters mainly for the western mind ā€“ no shaykh, no pilgrims, no colourful rituals or photography. But the ambience and baraka just flowed (see photo of carved wings with heart in centre in solid wood mounted on exterior wall).

While my driver was trying to find the main Sufi tomb that I wanted to visit, we managed to stumble on (or were led to) two lovely holy Sufi tombs. I enjoyed the baraka here. After a few more wrong turns, in the now-chaotic peak hour Delhi traffic, we came to my favourite Sufi tombs. I felt states of baraka and zikhr before even leaving the taxi. The main tomb was for Shaykh Abu Bakr, the secondary tomb for his dervish Tamizan. The states of grace here came in waves, almost intoxicating. I placed a green and gold chadar cloth and rose petals over the tomb and humbly drank in the baraka of this state. I received a blessing from the head shaykh, who placed my chadar around my neck and shoulders. I was in Sufi heaven.

Nearby I stopped and prayed by the small tomb of the Sufi dervish Tamizan ā€“ states of remembrance intermingled with loving baraka came forth, infilling and cleansing, touching me deep within. Here, the old attendant shaykh (a real healer) gave me the most wonderful healing by placing his hands on my head. We glanced at each other for what seemed like centuries. The love flowing through him was just wonderful. I felt very privileged to be there. Out of these states, the essence of the following poem came forth. After buying many chadar cloths, I left with glee.

Zikhr in Remembrance


Tomb of Sufi

Marble, colours of gold

Humility, pilgrims with chadar and rose petals.


Offering to Allah

Remembrance, Remembrance, Remembrance

Colours of death and rebirth.


Peaceful, the tomb of Shaykh Abu Bakr glows with Light

Nearness of Zikhr

Remembrance, Remembrance, Remembrance


Humility of Thee

Influx of Grace

States of Holiness, felt by all


Nearness of Zikhr

Healing, healing, healing

Shadows of Greatness, flutter flutter from Thee.


Tomb of Sufi woman Tamizan by name

Zikhr, Zikhr, the chanting of Ho

Healing from Shaykh, contact by Eye


To Glance the Presence

Influx of Thee

Zikhr, Zikhr, Remember I must.



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