Faces as Mythic States 2


These are my final thoughts on my Indian art exhibition, now that I am back home in Sydney.

My art exhibition was Series 6 of 49, exhibited under the subtitle “Process of Aspects of Divinity”.  The essence/nature of this 49-step journey is looking into the Face and its many facets, expressions and spiritual correspondences. In this series, I chose 21 images out of about 400 photos taken by me during a journey I made between Naggar (Kullu Valley), Delhi, Darjeeling and Kalkata in September 2011.

The idea of exhibiting some of my works in Nek Chand’s Rock Garden came to me about 4 years ago, after talking with the Director/Creator Nek Chand in his garden last September (2011). I put a proposal together, sending this to the Indian representative of the Nek Chand Foundation, Roohi Ralhan, who is based in Delhi. After a flurry of emails, I was told that Nek Chand would love to have me exhibit my works in his Rock Garden. I figured that April 7 this year (2012) was the earliest I could do it. If I left it till later in Summer, May, June and July would be upon us and it would be just too hot and we would have roasted in the gardens over these months. Later in the year (September /October) would have been more ideal weather-wise (ie cooler) but Susi was planning on going to Europe then and she wanted to come on this journey through the garden with me. Especially as I went alone to the Modern Art Gallery in the Roerich Centre in Naggar (Kullu Valley) for my first Outsider exhibition in India last September  – for photos and details, see http://www.roerichtrust.org/IRMT_files/exhibitions/Mwright_11/mwright11_02.htm.

The idea of using the sacred face photos I took last year was my first option. Why these sacred faces? This was a hard but yet an easy choice. If you look carefully at these faces, I have tried to capture the eyes expressing what the Buddhists refer to as the state of Mindfulness or what the great Persian poet Rumi referred to as Self remembering. The Buddha, in speaking of this state, said:

Do not go after the past, nor lose yourself in the future. For the past no longer exists and the future is not yet here. By looking deeply at things just as they are in this moment, here and now, the seeker lives calmly and freely.

Rumi, in his “Mathnawi”, wrote of this process, Remembrance:

Remembrance is the process of waking up to the Presence of God while being asleep to ego and the material world. Whosoever is awake (to the material world) is the more asleep (to the spiritual world). His wakefulness is worse than his sleep. When our soul is not awake to God, this kind of wakefulness is like closing our doors to Divine influences. All day long from the buffets of Fantasy and from thought of loss and gain and from fear of decline. There remains to it (the soul) neither joy, nor grace and glory, nor way of journeying to Heaven. One must Remember always.

I am sure that the great esoteric artists who made the sacred sculptures that I photographed were well aware of the sacred process of Objective Art. This art conveys ancient truths carried over through millennium of time on many levels, touching all who have hearts open to these holy truths. My photos were mainly of mythic Indian gods and goddesses, all dear to the followers of Hinduism. They convey huge mythic processes to those who understand what they represent esoterically.

The main Gods in Hinduism are the trinity of Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva.

  1. Brahma represents Creation and the Path of Knowledge
  2. Vishnu represents Preservation and the Path of Devotion
  3. Shiva represents Destruction and is the Destroyer of Evil

These Gods of the trinity are not different Gods. Esoterically, they are manifestations of the same Supreme (Iswara), the Lord.

Dr P Groves, in his book titled “Mythology, an Esoteric View” wrote:

Myths must be taken seriously as gateways which lead to a better understanding of the Reality from which we have come.

On each of my photo-totems, you can enter through the door/window to interact with the God or Goddess, who is beckoning you to enter into its myth or mythic state of spiritual, celestial or Divine Truth. The level that you enter into is the level or state to which your being truly resonates.

Bauvel and Handcock, the authors of ”Keepers of Genesis” highlighted the value of myths when they wrote:

As long as a Myth continues to be told true, it will continue to transmit any Higher message that may be concealed in its structure.

Here again you see the term that I have used – the Mythic image. The Faces of these images are packed with huge amounts of esoteric knowledge. You can look at the correspondences of the Face to gain access to this arcane knowledge. According to Swedenborg (who speaks of correspondences), the human Face corresponds spiritually to the Love of seeking Truth and Wisdom.

Dr P Groves in his book ”Mythology, an Esoteric View” wrote:

Myths, parables and correspondences are the language of the ”spirit”, and we must seek to become more adequately educated in the recognition and utilisation of this heavenly language.

I do hope this short discourse will help you to understand my 21 photo-totems and  their many levels of Truth. Please do not intellectually think about them – just try to feel their content or what they are saying to you.

Now, as this Great Epic (for me) Journey comes slowly to a close,  I will finish with a quote from ”The Secret Rose Garden” by Shabistari:

The Two Steps of the Journey

The journey of the pilgrims is two steps and no more. One is the passing out of selfhood and one towards mystical union with the Friend.

My final totem image is not of an Indian God or Goddess. I needed to do a special image that represented  the Essence of the Nek Chand Rock Garden. As I pondered on the spiritual idea of the Rock Garden, I was given a complete vision of this sacred image which titled itself  ”A Garden of Truth”. I gave this image to Nek Chand on the day of the opening of my exhibition, which was Saturday 7 April 2012. This image depicts two enneagrams touching point to point inside a pentagram. Wow, so much is packed esoterically into this space-ship of Truths. Myths for the Future.

Mjw 27/04/12


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