This Great Journey to Nth India and through the Labranth of Nek Chands visionary Rock Garden was, I feel, a good part of my artist’s allocated 15 minutes of fame. Here I have absolutely no regrets at all. Though I don’t speak for Susi,  I feel she too really enjoyed the whole experience . The process of the unfolding of the exhibition Journey through the garden over the 9 day period. The wonderful people and new-found friends we now have. The hospitality of the folks of Chandigarh, not to forget those who who played a direct role in helping this exhibition titled “Faces as Mythic States”  to be as successful as it was and not forget the art competition and those who were part of this process also.

So those I would like to thank –
The Director/ Creator/ visionary Nek Chand for giving me free rein to show some of my works in his Rock Garden.
My main contact person based in Delhi, Roohi Ralhan, the NCF representative in India was my mouth piece to Nek Chand. Without her, the exhibition would not have happened at all. Though she had some family dramas at that time, she still could not do enough for me, so a very Big thanks Roohi.
In Chandigarh, I was given the help of three of the garden’s workers. Thanks Nek for this – they were always there when needed e.g. when the wind caught us by surprise and toppled over many of the art works which were on tripods made by me ….
Here a special thanks to John Maizels of Raw Vision based in London. He made contact with us, giving us very good contacts on the ground in Chandigarh e.g. local Media people.
The Punjab Arts council directer Prof Rajpal Sing.
And of great help, the local NCF officer Shifa Mahajan. She was a lifeline between us, the press and Nek Chand ….. it just all came together, it just worked … thank God.
And our luck to meet two wonderful Chandigarh Arts College students, who we now call friends. Without their personal input of spreading the news of the art competition (which was held on the last day of my exhibition) to their fellow art students, this would not have happened at all.  We all enjoyed this exhibition very much. Not to forget that I ended up with most of the 23 or so original drawings done for this show. Lucky me! They are Treasures. … So here a Big thanks to Pramod and his partner Garima for all their help and we look forward to dancing at their wedding … whenever that is.
Where to from here ??? At present there are rumblings of another Epic Journey up to this area of our World. Watch this space.

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