A Taste of India and Photos shown


After journeying to sacred places (states) during which thousands of photos are usually taken – after lots of painful culling of the same photos, Susi and I usually show the best say 2-3 hundred to our closest friends, usually at Susi’s place over dinner or informal lunch gathering. Usually we try to make the food and clothing to suit the occasion. … No, we don’t make clothing for everybody and yes those who attend sometimes make very yummy food to share. It’s always a win-win situation for all who attend, even if they get bored with our photos.

After our huge journey through the Rock Garden in Nth India in April this year, we had two gatherings of friends. The first were mainly Susi’s closest friends and the second on Sunday 3 June were mainly my weirdo friends. At both of these gatherings we had very yummy Indian dishes such as alu ghobi, lamb curry, palak paneer, raita etc. Susi (with a little assistance from me) made most of the main dishes for the first event. At the second gathering, everybody made and brought yummy Indian dishes to share,  some of which were … Wow, talk about Master Chef stuff. We all just loved it. Big thanks to all who were there. Hopefully everybody enjoyed the rambling discourse given by myself and Susi as we ploughed through 300 odd photos in an attempt to illustrate this Great Journey we made together in April 2012 to Nth India.

An added bonus for our Sunday gathering was from Guy Patching who recently completed an advanced certificate in the Mythology of Mask Making. Guy managed to whip up a dozen Indian-themed masks for this gathering. Big effort, thanks Guy. They looked great. Below are a few samples of the masks that Guy made. And yes its us weirdos wearing them …

PS At our first dinner gathering, I showed the photos of the Photo Totems which were shown in the Rock Garden and attempted to convey the spiritual ideas behind this exhibition. Out of the blue,  a trouble maker [there is always one] Wendy Perry (an old friend of Susi’s) piped up and said, “Where did you get the idea for the shape and overall plan of the small totem that carries the Photo image in the doorway ??  Will you give the story of where or  how this image came to be ??”

I did feel a little cornered here. What to say ? Well, perhaps just the Truth. It was given to me in a vision. I asked for a vehicle to carry these 21 sacred images to show in India and I was given this image in vision. Now Wendy was not at all satisfied with this answer and asked for a more indepth answer telling it’s story .I felt that I had given her the answer that I could at the time. But I did feel that yes I should pull the story together and give her the fuller story of this image vehicle which is titled “A Doorway to the Divine” and was dated 27/o6/09 . I will pull all the information together for this sacred image and also the sacred image that I presented to Nek Chand on the opening of my exhibition on the 07/04/12. This image is titled “A Garden of Truth” and is dated 12/02/12. I will attend to this soon on the blog.


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