The story of the two Sacred Images


In September 2007 I wrote a personal letter to Nek Chand the Visionary Directer of the Rock Garden in Chandigarh . Nth West India. asking of the possibility of having an exhibition of Outsider Art of mine in his lovely Rock Garden in Chandigarh. To me this letter was a real shot in the dark …all i could do was try .then in early March 2008 out of the blue I received an email from his representative Roohi Ralhan who is based in New Delhi 5hrs drive south of Chandigarh . A note from Nek Chand telling me that Nek Chand was inviting me to have an exhibition in his Rock Garden when ever it suited me . but to give him some advance notice so arrangements could be made for the opening etc, I was over the moon with delight with this Great news .

Now between early 2008 and late 2011 I had some personal health dramas etc. I also struggled with what to show and how to show a proposed  exhibition in the Garden in view that there was no sheltered gallery type space within the Rock Garden to hang my art etc . I had to make the art-works of robust of out door materials .no glass etc . it had to be able to travel well between Sydney and Nth India. be light weight , portable as I did not want to pay huge excess baggage costs to get the art to Nth India . and it had to be sort of weather proof as it would be shown for days in all sorts of weather conditions. I was asking for a lot here.even for me as I usually can come up with good ideas  quickl that suite the local environment for this kind of exhibition .which would be a moving -journeying art installation that would be moved and installed on a daily basis over a 9 day period through the entire length  of the 20acre Rock Garden .

I did struggle with how to put this idea together for a Great successful show. lots of deep Pondering and  Meditations . etc .Then a break through. I was working on a painting job on Wednesday 27th June 2009 at a church in Roseville, Sydney. as I pondered deeply upon the overall process of having an Outsider Art exhibition in Nek Chands Rock Garden in say September 2010. As I pondered upon this idea I was given in vision the image – vehicle to hold these images within it .now at this point in time i had no idea of what images or even medium to use?? but at least i did have the vehicle to display the images .it was a good start to the process i thought. the image in the form – shape of a kite titled itself ‘ A doorway to the DIVINE ‘.[see image] .

Now this kite shaped image to me is in reality a slightly abstracted sacred Pentagram . the Pentagram is a sacred symbol or device that has been used esoterically and in occult circles for thousands of years. Here in this context  I see it over all as a symbol of healing and regeneration. that covers its basic spiritual outline here.

The image itself has many sacred dimensions, sacred geometry and  sacred correspondences. I will attempt to cover some of them briefly. and here again a very Big thanks to Wendy Perry . One could look at this over all image as a piece of Objective Art. Art that conveys spiritual Truths to those who are receptive to these ideas others will just not see or feel it . that is they will just not Get it .

First up the outer dimensions. top to bottom is 49mm. width of triangle is 30mm and the base is 12mm wide .

So 49m. 7×7= 49,  7=Holiness. multiplied by itself . it represents a total state of Holiness. or corresponds to such a state.

So the 30mm width of the triangle area the width straight across is 21mm.

First up 30 corresponds to what the great Mystic Swedenborg refers to as Remains  these Remains are spiritually implanted into us as hidden  spiritual Truths at birth by Greater Life.[ read Swedenborg for more information on this very arcane process ]

Still looking at this no 21 . we can break it down into the following .

2+1=3. 3 this number signifies spiritually what is full from beginning to end .

7 this number represents a full state of also represents the fully developed – transformed celestial man = the goal of all our transformanal strivings .

The bottom of the vehicle – image measures 12mm across .

12 . the number 12 always represents spiritually a full spiritual state. the base and its foundation principal would be looked at here as the foundation for this totem- image . You could ask for nothing better I feel .

The next symbol to look at would be the Golden triangle window at the top .and again we must look at the spiritual correspondences of this triangle and its sacred dimensions of 7x7x7 and again we have the spiritual  law of 7 which as already been stated as representing Holiness . here it is a 3 fold process which represents a state full from beginning to ending .The Golden colour represents DIVINE-Good. So the over all Golden Triangle is telling us via the science of correspondence that the Good of Greater Life is touching us asking us to relate to it and all its Holiness. this little Golden image to me is the Lord-God personified.

The little Red door or window shade .again we have correspondence at Work.

The colour Red = signifies spiritually the Good of Love from Higher Life.

In this image context it shades the brilliance of the out- pourings of the Divine light from the Golden triangle above it . when ever one sees shadows . this inwardly tells us we are in the Presence of Divine Life . Yes this is all very symbolic . but thats just how Greater DIVINE Life presents itself .

Next we have the window with the little purple window sill at its base. the rounded shape window is 140mmx 12mm, the 140mm has two lots of 7  or  70 within it . here this represents that the window is a Holy Doorway structure .either side is guarded by the state of Holiness . the base of the doors dimensions are 120 or 12. again here this number represents a total complete spiritual state . A cross- over point from a lower to a much higher Greater state of Being.

A window = spiritually signifies Truth in the light . ones internal spiritual sight . to move through a door is esoterically. moving from one spiritual state to another one .

The purple window sill = purple always signifies The Presence of DIVINITY .

So looking at this little window . is one looking in at the image ? or is the sacred image looking out at us ?

In the spiritual sense . I feel that it is the Presence of DIVINITY that is speaking symbolically to us via the Light of Truth to our internal self .as the outer self sleeps on a Sea of 21st century dreams .

The 5 Green and Red tiles at the bottom . this representative of a sacred Garden .Swedenborg wrote of Gardens .

Gardens= spiritually signify the intellect of man and woman.

To plant and grow  Gardens is to enter into a reciprocal Holy state with Higher Life .

The overall colours of the totem image is a crackle glaze White over Red .

The Red colour = spiritually signifies DIVINE Love.

The White …….= spiritually signifies   DIVINE Truth.

This overall 2 colour process is telling us that Divine Love is always given to us cloaked in either celestial or spiritual Truths .

Lots to relook at . ponder upon here in this dynamic image of Objective Art. and we have not even attempted to look at the 21 sacred images of Indian deities and Buddhist Buddha images that i displayed in the exhibition in the Rock Garden in April 2012 .perhaps a later date in Eternity ???

The next image to look at is the sacred  image that I gave Nek Chand at the opening of the exhibition on Saturday 7th April 2012. This image is titled  A Garden of Truth  . Where did this symbol come from ? no i did not make it up . on Sunday 12th 2 2012 I had just typed up the travel journal cover for this Great Journey . I needed a new interesting symbol that portrayed the Inner and Outer  contents of the Journey that i was about to embark on to Nth India . I also needed something that illustrated to me the spiritual value of Nek Chands visionary Rock Garden. I deeply Pondered upon these 2 processes for some time then was given in vision this very sacred symbol which depicts 2 touching enneagrams within a Pentagram .

What does this image titled  A Garden of Truth  represent to me ?

The Sufis say esoterically the sacred enneagram represents the Face of God . so to me this enneagram image is representative of God looking into its endless Eternal Self within the Pentagram domain of Healing .

Further to me this image is a representation of mans perfect celestial state. in Buddhist symbolism they have a similar symbol called a Stupa or Chorten . It is to me a true . real healing transformational Symbol something to be looked at and into on many levels .

I could go on and on about this enneagram symbol. Re its sacred dimensions etc . but i have said more then i should have already ….the reader will be getting bored …I will finish off with a Sufi saying which is titled

The source of Life

In ancient Persia the Sufis had a saying that

If the Creator represents absolute Good, and the Face absolute beauty.

It is the nature of beauty to desire manifestation.

Michael J Wright


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