PILGRIMAGE to India . 4th September to 7th October 2012 .


The idea of leading a small group to Nth West India came about over lunch at Susi place just after returning from the Epic Journey through the Rock Garden in Chandigarh in early April this year this was a solo exhibition of Outsider Art of mine . now at this lunch various people put their hands up for the next Journey to India . over the following months i put an what i thought was a good plan together for a 3 week Pilgrimage .

The idea was to travel to a place called Deogarh down in central India.  here there is a very small famous Gupta Hindu temple on the Eastern wall is carved in deep relief the most wonderful image of Vishnu Dreaming the Universe into existence . we would start our Photo visual diary Journey here and continue on to Agra and the lovely Majestic Taj Mahal then onto Delhi and get 21 images printed to 40×40 inch canvases to show in an exhibition in the Rock Garden in Chandigarh Nth India after this we would travel up to Nagger in the Kullu valley for rest and bush walks in the local lovely cedar forests .

The usual Argy Bargy of people Yes ….No …finally 3 adventures put their hands up and said yes they were Caroline Neave . Kerry macdonald and Lucy Macy ..I had me a Herem . We had a lovely lunch as a get together at Kerrys place good food . good company etc


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