From Agra to Deogarh .


Our Great epic Journey down to Deogarh about 359 miles south of Agra . The gang managed to get off to an early start after what one can only describe as a late night Shopping Frenzzy .just frightening  the shop keeper all had smiles on their Faces especially when i asked for my commission …just the same as the taxi tourist coach drivers get ?? they thought i was a funny westerner having a joke !! …..mmmm..

So we drove and drove and drove for bloody hours and hours it Rained and it rained and it bloody rained No farmilar road signs at all ?? getting Dark now and it rained and rained still darker many urgent calls back to base in Delhi via the several cell phones that the driver and his young assistant had they had to constantly charge them up ….!!!…at one point in time i thought i was in a mobile Phone exchange in Bombay or ??? who knows where ? but where ever it was it was just not Working and the Rain just kept pelting down ….We were Bloody Lost in central India no food lots of water we may have to live on cell phones till morning ?

After about another 2hrs driving we came to the conclusion that well he had absolutely no idea where he was or where he was going ? No bloody idea at all and the rain just kept coming down. after a few more urgent calls to various people all over India he finally put me onto a mate of his who spoke English and was based in Kolkata I told him where we wanted to go and he worked out the way with a sat nav . at this point i suggested we go to the nearest town with accommodation this was a town called Jhansi here the Harem were watered and fed and had a warm bed each . God was in his Heaven all was well with the World ….till it all starts again next day .


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