Photos to canvas & beyond .


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So here i go again we were in Delhi for 3 days in which time we managed to do lots of shopping  [ the Harem did that is ]I some how took or was given charge of over seeing the process of transferring Digital images from memory sticks to computer to 40x40inch canvases after much editing by all 4 of us 21 images were chosen these 21 images in some way had to illustrate our both personal and collective ideas of Pilgrimage ???  The place that printed these canvases up for us was called Riyash International.  great people to do business with I found them on the Web as you do …

3 days later we picked up our 4 boxes of 21 canvas photos . all had smiles on their Faces as if they had just given Birth . now we just did not have time or the space to spread them out to look at and decide the sequence that they would be displayed in at the Rock garden in Chandigarh . so this important process was left till next day in our Chandigarh hotel .next day we journeyed to Chandigarh 6hrs drive Nth of Delhi at our lovely mid town hotel Plaza Central we lay the 21 images down the hallway ….mmmm …the hotel staff thought us a little weird …??? only a little ? if only they knew ..? Now after some Argy–Bargy …the sequence was decided and they were numbered …. this caused a little Pain as the purists wanted no visible marks on their Art ….O bloody Dear ….

Good nights sleep me at least . next day being the 14th of September and my 63d Birthday but Who’s singing Happy Birthday ?? ME …down to the Rock Garden the gang of 3 wandered around for hours then that bloody word …SHOPPING ..came forth again this time it was Christmas Shopping ….will it ever END ??? I made contact with my local contacts who were playing a big roll in our two art shows tomorrow  one was Shiefa the local N C F representative and Pramod a local art college student both played a major roll in the very successful shows i put on in early April 2012 in the Rock Garden . So every thing looked good for the big day tomorrow …lots of confidence in the Hot Humid Air of Chandigarh so i was taken to dinner by my current Harem and enjoyed every moment of it . your only 63 once .I will now again attempt to insert some photos here …regards Michael 27/9/12..


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