Returning to Delhi via Agra– and cell phones?


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As we drove back up to Delhi about 700 miles away we stopped off at a lovely town called Goweler here we happened upon some very Holy Sufi tombs Wow at one of these Tombs which was the resting place for Mahammad Ghaus a very lovely place Divine Grace just filled the air ,To me it was a total state of Grace ….just loved it and as a bonus at the entrance to the Tomb there was a small group of Qualli singers wow this was a real bonus very unexpected here we all enjoyed their performance some of us even Danced a little …… I managed to film some several minutes of it on my iPod …as you do …they af cause demanded Rupees for their lovely show and i gave some willingly. Next we are back in Agra . the usual sights Taj . Red fort etc etc etc and …wait for it …SHOPPING …yes the Harem went SHOPPING again they just can’t get enough of it …I do confess i too indulged i bought my Darlingssa little surprise …you thought that i was going to tell you didn’t you …no no no its a surprise for her . Next day our wonderful van driver  suggested we go to the old City of Mathura  half way back to Delhi as i had not heard of this place i decided yes we would have a break and go there..When One is group Leader One can make these important decisions without consultation . So on we drove ….straight past the turn off to the town of Mathura …??? I did ask the driver why aren’t we turning into the turn off to Mathura as planned ? He just smiled at me and said ..Its not on the itinerary and he just kept on driving ….In your Face India yet again ..I must  admit this did catch me by surprise ?? then i moved into Other Wise mood  got him to pull over then said you will pull over at the turn off at the old sight of Kesava Deo Temple complex  so this can be part of our Photo Pilgrimage series …mmmm He did not like this ? but was well trained  and a little out of his Depth ….he was unsure of me and what i may do ?? at the temple sight he tried me again by organising rickshaws three of them at very inflated prices this just got up every bodies Nose …He was falling badly onto a very sharp knife of his own making . there were other little acts of stupidity by him ..they just added up as we went along the worst one was between the both of them they had 5 cell phones which rang constantly for both out goin and incoming calls at one point the driver who was cruising on about 100 ks an hour had 3 cell phones on the go . was i worried ? yes ..that he may miss a call and not know who it was …??? the front cabin was like an Indian call centre live in your Face ……and i was footing the total bill …god it reminded my of being back home and dealing with Telstra …..very close to the bone stuff .This   state will be Dealt with in Delhi at the hire car office with the drivers Boss …watch this Space ….

Did I tell you that we visited the most beautiful .the most wonderful Sufi tomb of the famous Indian Sufi  Salim Christi this place  [ state ] was at the village of Fatehpur Sikiri which was about 25 miles from Agra to me a very sacred  and Holy place to Pilgrimage to again lots of lovely photos here..check it out on the Web …

We arrived at Delhi our driver found our accommodation which was The World Buddhist Centre   this was my first time at staying at an alternate place ..I usually stay at safe ordinary hotels but this trip i wanted to show the Harem of 3 other modes of accommodation and get a fresh view of such my self .This World Buddhist centre offers retreats, personal spiritual guidance . meditation and Puja what more could one ask for of accommodation  ? check it out next trip to Delhi .I will now attempt to insert a few photos as part of this rambling discourse of mine ……Mjw  27th/9/12


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