Rock garden Dreaming sat 15/9/12.


The big day ..first up our group show titled  ”Faces as Doorways of Pilgrimage” Aspects of Divinity  series 7  and of cause the Rock Garden Art Competition. I did try to cover all bases before leaving Sydney regarding these two huge processes…..had not factored in the weather it was just So hot and Humid ….every body of cause blamed good old Global warming …..?…How can one compete with that ?

After a little fumbling at the Rock Garden ….eg the key to the shed lockup where the 21 tripods were stored it was at the Tennis with its Minder as well as its Boss Nek Chand ….this was tricky we had to get Neks personal driver to go get it . this may have personally influence the outcome of the match as India thrashed New Zealand who knows what the score was ? They won .who cares .

I just remembered    Did i tell you the outcome of the little drama of the driver who fell on his sward ? No. so back in Delhi i went to the bosses office with the driver ….he knew he was in the Shit because he kept asking me was he in trouble ??? and i said nothing to him . I told his boss the various short comings of the driver . he took it all in then just yelled at him like a child …this i did not want as a sort of an outcome for the rest of our 3 week journey…we talked and talked …blab…blab..finally the driver said sorry and that he would behave . He gave me his word . this was good enough for me . later as he was driving through Chandigarh we were pulled over by the traffic police he had made a minor mistake they fined him 500 rps on the spot now i know that comes out of his own pocket and when you only earn about 5000 fps per month thats a lot …i slipped him the 500 rps to cover the fine …he was over the moon . He could not do enough for me for the rest of the trip …and who said money can’t buy Happiness ??

So back to the rock garden the 21 40×40 photo canvas prints looked just Great balancing on the green tripods …at one point in time it got a little windy and i thought the worst …they would all do a Flyer into the abbess never to be seen again luck was with us yet again or was it the visit to the Temple of Chandi the Goddess of this area . we visited her yesterday making offerings of peace and asking for her help in the unfoldments of our 2 art exhibitions in the Rock Garden over the next 3 days . these Prayers seemed to have worked so far …fingers crossed .during the early part of the show we had some of the local press show up ask several questions and they were gone …mmmm what to say ? well they did have the Tennis to cover .Nek Chand could not come as he was at the Tennis again with the Prime Minister of India I thought it would be nice if they all turned up for High Tea in the Garden with us ? but no we had to put up with our own company and that was that .I will stop here as i will attempt to insert some photos here ….Mjw 28/9/12.


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