Packing up and saying goodbye 17/9/12


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At the end of our 3 day exhibition . sad but change is always in the air we just don’t always sense it . the hustle and bustle of carrying all our photo canvases . tripods and other ”Stuff” that was used all took its toll on hot and tied bodies .  Good buys  all around then I went and said very Big thanks to Nek Chand personally . He was delighted that i was again showing some Outsider Art in hie Rock Garden and was especially delighted that i had put on an original drawing competition . the second this year…..Yes I know its over the Top …it just some how worked out this way …Sorry .Nek then said to come back any time for another show in his Rock Garden ….i was very touched by this offer and Will Return …but When ??

Now I gave Nek an A4 bound book of photos that were took in the Rock Garden during my April 2012 show and visit . He really appreciated this . He loves getting photos from people who visit his Rock Garden .I also gave him a drawing / design to many go into as part of his 4th stage of the Mosaic final stage of the Rock garden . He looked at it for quite a long time and said wonderful I like it very much and it will be incorporated in the Mosaic part in stage 4 . I told him of my plans at the end of  my India journey down in Kolkata and that was me having a Solo show of photos to canvas under the title of  ”Faces as Doorways of Light &Truth ” aspects of Divinity series 8 .these images were taken in the Rock Garden  over some seven visits over the last 10 or so . the show will be held in The Taj Bengal Hotel in Kolkata from the 4th to 7th October 2012. I gave Nek a catalogue of this show . He read every word in it . smiled at me and said all the best for this show in Kolkata . He had that wonderful twinkle in his eye as he said this . it was a smile of approval ..thank god , We talked about me attempting to organise a small show of his works in Sydney in the not too distant future during which he told me that he has been invited to be part of a Big Outsider show in Paris . France .He and his wife and son are going . it has been arranged by John Masials of Raw Vision magazine based in London . Nek was very excited about going on his third trip to France and Good on him . I took a few more photos here thanked him again for the Privilege of exhibiting in his Wonderful Rock Garden in Chandigarh …Mjw 3/10/12.


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