Rock Garden Dreaming 15/9/12


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Hi all.  just arrived in Kolkata and yes its not Saturday 15/9/12 but Wed ..3d october 12 . and i am attempting to have a catch up with this Blog .

I will attempt to insert photos yet again. the last ones went into the Void or was it India ??

So the art competition was just such a great success we thought that about 20 artists would attempt the Portraiture drawing of the Gardens visionary creator Nek Chand and we had 45 turn up WOW ….they spent 3hrs drawing his Portrait out of which we had 50 very beautiful drawing to hang for both ourselves and the very many visitors to the Rock Garden to look at and enjoy . The local NCF representative Shifa Mahajan and myself were the judges some many very good drawings but there is only one first prize which was 10.000rp second and third prizes they got Trophies and the entire Artistic group all got certificates of appreciation ALL were winners in my eyes . it was such a great art project to put together lots of hard work went into it especially from Shifa who organised the Trophies and certificates to be done in Chandigarh. she also contacted the local press and of cause liaised with Nek Chand both before and during the 3 days of the exhibition with out her very important contribution it just would not have happened . Avery Big thanks Shifa both from my self . Lucy.Kerry.Caroline and all the artists with out who it just would not have happened Very Big Thanks . now here i will attempt to insert some photos ……Mjw 3/10/12.


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