From 18th to 25th September 2012


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The Journey  up to Nagger in the lovely Kullu valley was a long and tiering one for all including our great driver . took around 11hrs .a few car accidents . a few landslides .truck break downs on steep mountain roads all added to our travel time . but once in Nagger and at our very nice comfortable Allience guest house owned and run by the 2 greatest people  [Gilbert and daughter Eva ] i have met in the hotel business anywhere so far . Highly recommended for food . comfortable rooms …even clean?? and very friendly . they make you feel  at home .

It was good to breath the lovely clean Mountain air even though i had a rotter of a throat cold ….Delhi pollution …?? or from the plane from OZ …the surrounding beautiful Mountains are covered in tall mature Cedar trees thanks to the British who planted them over 150 years ago they were to be used in the boat building industry …So good they were kicked out of India before they had the chance to cut these beautiful trees down . The cedar tree in Swedenborgian language corresponds to The celestial Man . So when i look upon these beautiful trees i attempt to see their spiritual origin or content. The second day in down town Nagger i went up to the Roerich centre about 600mtrs up the road from our guest house here i was hoping to see either Alena the former directer and her helper Daria my artist friend ?? no i was told sadly that Alena was no longer there and the new manager was at a meeting in Shimla some 5hrs drive away and would be back soon ? this could mean 2hrs or 7 days …India time ..? as i was walking back down to the guest house i happened to look down at a distant house and there was Alena I was invited down . she gave me some of the details of her removal from the Roerich centre as manager .Wow she gave so much of her self over the last 10 years . Then . a shift in politics both in India and Russia . some one had to loose and it was Alena . she is like a tibetan prayer flag just waiting for a strong Wind to carry her to her next adventure and i wish her a wonderful Journey …As they say its about the Journey not the destination . Alena rang my artist friend Daria . we caught up for coffee and cake at the German bakery and was spied this got tongues waging …poor tongues . she is just an artist that i met at the Roerich modern art gallery when i exhibited there last year and she is Russian . we exchanged some good gallery exhibition ideas that may or may not happen .

Next day we drove to Manali for the day on the way we got our first flat tyre …..visited the 2 lovely Tibetan Gompas and a lovely local temple to the valleys Goddess..then the all important shopping …it never ends …back to our refuge the Allience guest house for early dinner . there were two other travellers staying there. one from Canada . Halley . she had just come down from Ladakh after some great treaking . halley has been working over the last 15 years in China as an English teacher and has got to travel to all sorts of interesting places in the region .the other lady was from Russia a young spirited woman . we were all exchanging contact details …as you do … i gave her my card . she recognised the image on it as a wonderful sacred enneagram . She had been introduced the the ”’ Fourth Way ”’and Gurdjieff/ Ouspensky etc by her Father a few years ago and is now hooked she left her job . her former life and now is a True Seeker of Truth going in the foot steps of Gurdjieff. she has travelled to all sorts of places . met all sorts of very interesting people and of cause had some wonderful experiences along the way . A true Seeker at last i had found a fellow traveller on the Path . we talked for hours during which i gave her my copy of Dr Groves latest book . which i have not read but felt that she needed it more then me . she just loved it saying that it was very hard to get Russian copies of Fourth books ? I did tell her of some online book shops that sell 4th way books . I also told her of  Triam Press and their web site Reta the Russian emediatly said I will translate this book into Russian so Triam Press can republish it there….I just smiled  thinking all the best Love on that project . but it was good talking to her she left for greener fields next day .

Now there was rumblings in the ranks of the Harem …..they were concerned that the one full days drive straight from Nagger to Delhi would be too much on the driver and their bodies ? so we cut short our stay in lovely cedar wooded hilled Nagger and headed to Delhi via a stop over in Chandigarh all very uneventful . Our S and B Inn hotel in Delhi was just fine the girls did last minute shopping …as you do ..Caroline went to a lovely Temple experience for a good part of the day . Next morning at some ungodly hour all were raced out to the International for an 8am flight back home Journeys end for them . I paid the remainder of the huge van hire bill . bought tickets to Nth West India etc then went for the biggest yummiest breakfast with lots of good coffee . The first part of my Mandalic journey had come to its conclusion . part two was about to unfold . here i will attempt to insert some Photos …Mjw 3/10/12.


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