Mountains of the Gods 27th to 3d October 2012.


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the Flight fro Delhi across to Bagdogra took a mere two and a half hours . the taxi drive from  Bagdogra to Kalimpong just over three hours . beautiful mountains . landslides . etc the usual Mountain road enjoyments but i did have a great driver his newish station wagon was another matter i am sure both from wheel were out of alignment ….He struggled with the steering the whole trip …mmm..and the road was narrow . full of ruts etc and always the edge of the road Loomed very closely but the Gods are still with me .

I stayed at Deki Lodge just up the main Monastery side of town . Kamal . the manager was very surprised to see me again . I stayed here last September and just loved it . very well positioned . quite rooms except for the traffic and Dogs barking down in the street . hot water . don’t for get to ask though. and only $15- per night . the food good . atmosphere good . 2 lovely dogs and yes you can pat them . unlike the street one which you avoid at all costs .a story a Chinese student told me of a friend of hers . this friend loves dogs and patted one down in Goa it in turn showed effection by licking on the back of her hand the poor girl had some kind of blistering rash which took lots of hard drugs to bring under control …Old saying  ”yes you need to cross the Road for a scratch ” better to keep your hands in your pockets.

Before i go on i need to apologise to  John Maizels of Raw vision  for misspelling his name in this Blog dated 17/9/12 Sorry  John the gremlins were at work during that Blog writeup.

So the main reason for me going to Kalimpong was to see a good friend .Phenjo Bhutia a very famous Thanka painter. I was in Kalimpong last September 2011. during which I left a thanka painting of the Tibetan Diety Chenrezie or the more well know name is Avalokiteswara ” The Compassionate One ” I had bought this Sacred painting up in Nagger last year as it did not have the silk skirt I asked Phenjo to arrange to have one fitted . I also commissioned him to do a painting of the Goddess Vajrasattva in her Wrathful form . When i finally met up with Phenjo ….No he has not completed the lovely painting of Vajrasattva as he had a bad accident resulting in a sprained foot . he could not walk on it or do any work over the last few months ….now 3 months out of 12….mmm…? Lets not go there. but he did have my very beautiful painting of a meditating four armed seated Chenrezie  finished  Wow . As usual i met the family . lunch etc etc lots of Milky tea and more Milky tea . I gave gifts to his lovely wife Lendup and a pink Teddy to 5 year old daughter Tenzin Phenjo gave me a lovely little very Beautiful old painting of the Wrathful Deity called Chanadorjeedeep blue in colour …The celestial colour ..i googled this Deity and found that it is The Main Deity who Holds the sacred Dorje .” The Keeper of the Dorje ” The Dorje represents Huge Cosmic stuff to Esoteric to go into for now but its” Big ” Why did he give me just this little painting ? nothing happens by chance ? Anyway back at Deki Lodge I showed the owner  called by the name of Moma I told her of the story of the two paintings that i have been talking about plus the Medicine Buddha that i had commissioned from my friend up in Spiti. Moma just loved all three paintings admiring the lovely Silk skirt on the Chenrezie Painting she then Phoned Phenjo and asked if her painting that he did for her 6 months ago could have the same skirt ?? A little Arge – Bargee going on here ….I moved quickly away from this encounter .Moma then got all excited and scurried  off into her room emerging a little while later with a Tibetan astrology book …..mmm…i then gave her my birth date etc etc etc out of which she suggested i have a Green Tara Puja performed for me by the monks at Tharpa Choling Monastery ?? what to say ? as they say when the  ”Sun shines ” walk in it to your fullest so yes on Sunday 30th 9 12 at 5 30 am i jumped out of bed and walked the mile or so up to the Monastery and had my First wonderful Green Tara healing Puja in India wow the Monks had made lovely colourful butter sculptures and chanted Green Tara Prayers for 3hrs on my behalf . Wow it was just beautiful and strangely I did feel a little different after it ? could have been the early morning getting out of bed at 5 30am ??? anyway a Great process to experience for me . I diode tell Moma about how i felt she got very excited then asked  had i had any good dreams lately ? I had a great visionary dream yesterday when i told her of it she got even more excited scurried of into her room again and rang her Lama…..she then said that i needed to go see her Lama and ask for a Long Life Puja from him? I can see the  ”Light shinning ” again ?? So off i went with one of the Lodge boys leading me through a maze of darkened alley-ways when finally we got there we are greated by a monk called Sonam who led us into the Lamas meditation room the Lamas name is Lama Thupden this guy had a real Presence . Ambrosia filled the room  we arranged the Puja for Friday the 5th october as Momas astrology calendar said that Friday was my best day and the day for Pujas …I made a small donation and gave a scaff offering to Lama Thupden and back to Deky lodge for dinner  ;; Moma ” was happy . over dinner she said that we should have annual Long Life Pujas regardless where we are in the World i just have to contact her and make a request and she will follow it up for me with the Lama ….I now have spiritual agent working for me …mmm..? but hey lets see how this turns out .

I seemed to have lots of rest here in Deki lodge met some wonderful young people one a German student Victoria she was a volunteer teacher working in the middle of now where but loved it except No body to talk to in English let alone German . My ears are still ringing but she had her heart in the right place and thats what counts . the other person was a student from China having a Big adventure by her self she was suppose to be in university in China at least thats where her parents thought she was ??? it got a little tricky for her when she rang or texted her parents ….she had to go around the phone system to them …all to hard for me she should have just told them Iam in India so there .. the Chinese are so well conditioned ….enough said here …I did enjoy speaking to both these people at Dekis lodge . later on Moma grabbed me again and said you must get Lama Thupden to Bless your 3 thanka paintings ?? down the bloody goat track again in the rain and of cause it was dark again …Lama Thupden greeted me like an Old lost friend …was he getting sick of me disturbing his meditation just to get my paintings Blessed ?? I don’t think so because he really spent time looking at the 3 paintings asking where  and who painted them etc etc he was surprised hat the large one was painted way up in Spiti near the Tibetan border ? then he spent about 15 minutes blessing and chanting sacred Mantras over each of them here i managed to use my iPod  [ as you Do ] to film part of this blessing. Wow lucky me it just keeps flowing on and on . after this back up the goat track in the bloody rain and dark ….mmm but really worth it . I was in Heaven .

Next day off to Kalkata via Bagdgodra ..flight took only 50 minutes the Taxi to my lovely Taj Bengal took just under 2hrs in the dusty heat of late afternoon…once inside I was in another World which i will share on the next blog . now i will attempt to put in some Photos ….Mjw 5/10/12


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  1. Deky Dormeo su vyrobene z kvalitnych materialov:
    hodvab, bavlna, vlnene mikrovlakna, husacie perie,
    uhlikove vlakna. Vyspite sa ako na oblacikoch. Prikryvky Dormeo
    su najpredavanejsie na Slovensku.

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