Completion of the Mandala 7/10/12.


P1060572 P1060578 P1060554 P1060555 P1060556 P1060557 P1060558 P1060559 P1060560 P1060561 P1060559 P1060562 P1060563 P1060564 P1060565 P1060552 P1060550 P1060566 P1060551 P1060606 P1060607 P1060568 P1060612Sunday 7th October . My last day in Kolkata. 7pm tonight I leave my Taj cocoon and return to the other World . the World of OZ and all that it entails .thats my home . Iam also missing my Susi who is currently in Vienna or is it Poland ? Europe some where this i am sure off .

Kolkata is a City that i want to come back to . I need to explore her inner workings . Her Heart . Her Spirit .I hope to have an exhibition here maybe next year during which i hope to get to know her better .this visit was just too short . the exhibition at The Taj Bengal hotel for 4 days was a saving Grace for me as I just relaxed into the ambience of the whole process . Thank you Taj and its Family from My Heart . here I will share a Poem that flowed forth while in the Promenade Lounge on Thursday 4th October 2012 5 15pm .

Doorways of Light .

Twelve by number.

Doorways to Faces to Doorways.

states all frozen. Nek Chand their God

Twelve by number. all Looking, Looking for the Light.

Nek Chand in Chandigarh, Rock Garden dreaming with Delight .

Taj Bengal Kolkata , Kolkata for Four days of Light .

Peace, the heart flutters with Twelve – Faces of Delight.

Nearness of this stats-but old feelings with associations of thy Might.

Doubt,Void ringing afar, soundings of Thy Coming- coming in the night.

I Am prepared, the night- the sleep night Waiting with Delight.

The smell of Rose – Sufi – Sufi singing with Love and Delight.

darkness perceived – broken with Thy Light -the bell, the Bell rings Louder and Louder, I feel the Light.

Doorways to Thee, Open to me please…

The Light from Thee dispels all doubt with Delight. Song bird sings – songs O so Light .

Seeking the  ” ONE ” Within, sensing the Light, Pathways to you O Dear Lord via Doorways of Light .

MJW 4/10/12

There were other Poems that came forth on this 35 day Journey across Nth India but this is enough for now . I will complete this Blog Journey over the the next couple of days in OZ land .

Mjw 7/10/12.


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