Curries, Cakes and Friends … Sunday 25-11-2012.


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A small gathering Post India at Susi’s place Pennant Hills . Yummy curries, cakes etc and great stories of past and future travel tales. All eagerly told in intimate detail. We could have spent days on one person’s travel tales but every body wanted to share. Almost turned into a therapy group meeting …Perhaps it did?? We need to spend less time working and more time Travelling.  This to me is better than retail therapy. In retail therapy you don’t get several bouts of Delhi belly within a short 3 week period. You just get the goodies and of course the credit card bill … Maybe that’s a form of Delhi belly … mmmm .. .never thought of it this way …

We were very lucky to have the visitation of  two old friends from Mena Creek in northern Queensland, Kate and Stuart Lloyd, old Hippies from way back and the World’s best cane/grass weavers. They are almost at Elders status to those who love them and they are many. We did the usual things at these gatherings – I showed most of my travel photos of this Great Pilgrimage to India in September  [this year]. It is interesting looking back at the places we visited. You see things and people that you just did not notice at the time .. .as we were taking the photo.  Sometimes one focuses too much on the operations of the camera and also the composition of the object or scene being photographed to see … to see what you are really looking at. We need I feel to introduce into real Photography the Buddhist process of Mindfulness. Being aware of yourself in the environment, sensing all that you are photographing with your heart  and being at one with the mechanical operations of your camera. Now this could be a new approach to Photography. Here we should question ourselves: Why do I take these Photos??? Perhaps I have just brought forth a new stream of Photography … Outsider Photography.

Back to our small gathering – it was so good to meet up with old friends,  share some yummy food, share some great travel tales and not to forget Guy Patching brought along some wonderful colourful Masks for sharing and of course more photos of us being naughty.

Enjoy . Mjw 11/12/12


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