MONA-something New something Old .


Saturday 1st December. Susi has finally after many years of asking me to go to Tasmania with her. We are there. Windy Hobart. Wow, feels like my home town Orange NSW. … Slow, quiet, sleepy, the locals just going about their daily business just doing what they do. But the overall feeling to me of Hobart Town is it  has an underlining quiet surge deep within its Soul which touches all who sense this Southern state of Holiday Delight. Our hotel,  The Henry Jones, the former IXL  Jam factory  a real delight, right on the waterfront close to lots of great Art Galleries, restaurants and of course Hobart with its  lovely harbour. The hotel itself – wow, has the lot. Lots of fine restaurants, bars, cafes and lovely relaxing huge courtyard to lounge around in, where the staff make you feel as if you’re somebody of importance. If only they knew …. The hotel’s corridors were adorned  with lots and lots of very nice original contemporary art by mainly Australian Artists. There were several I could have run off with, even with the average price tag of $7,ooo each. But no I just don’t have the space on any of my walls at home. They will have to wait till I have a Lotto win and buy a new bigger house. Which I am hoping will happen soon.

The usual running around meeting up with Susi’s brother Pete and his wife Lynn. We did the markets … mmm … I think I am really over this kind of shopping. Great crafts. Lots of beautiful wood crafts, all very beautiful, but how many small and large Arty bowls can one have? I still haven’t used some of the Arty things that I bought on my first visit to Morocco in 1973 … Wow, thats almost 40 years … I must have been about 7 when I was there .. .mmmm … moving right along.

We spent the day exploring, eating, walking, more eating. So much for my diet. Then we discovered the most wonderful Daci & Daci Bakery in Murray St … mmmm. Yummy. It put on the best breakfast food south of Newtown and the coffee …. they just know how to please. I say no more.

Sunday 2/12/12. Today was set aside for the MONA Gallery and what a day ART-ART-ART-ART-ART, yummy food in the Gallery’s private vineyard. Here a little sun-stroke almost got me. We checked out the Gallery’s private accommodation. Very, very nice and of course has a price tag to match but still affordable with international standards of like. Back to the underground gallery – this place is world standard, cutting edge, both Very Modern in your Face Art and my favourite  ancient Egyptian art. Wow. The Gallery had some very beautiful Mummy cases – lots of unusual symbols and hieroglyphs. Lots of photos taken here of mainly Faces … I am on a roll in my Art projects, centring mainly around Faces This will be ongoing for a number of years to come as I am doing a series of 49 and am up to around number 8 or 9. Watch this space  … it could go on to Eternity.  The day was really full on … lunch … more Art, more Art, more Art,  too much to describe here on this blog. Better to google the gallery for what’s on etc etc.

Then the evening’s great dinner. Very posh restaurant, I won’t give you the name … but after sending the second bottle of red plonk costing $50-a bottle back because it was off … well, the food was not much better. Hey, the company was great though. We all went to the local fast food cafe for great coffee and ice cream and the evening was saved.

Monday 3/12/12, breakfast at hotel (not that good) and back at Daci and Daci bakery for morning tea. Yummy meringues – life is good. Susi bought a lovely jacket for her trip to Japan later this year to see her new grand-daughter Uta. The local Kathmandu store had a great sale and Susi was happy. We saw Pete and Lynn off on an earlier flight back home to Sydney. We wandered up town, Susi looking for a bookshop to buy kid’s books for her other grand-daughters, me looking for the local Sufi bookshop … We found the Almiraj Sufi bookshop in Liverpool St. Very good selection of books here for both the lay person and the serious seeker. I was looking for books by the great Sufi Attar. No luck, but I did get a lovely book on the 99 Beautiful names of God and an out of print book by the 4th Way teacher J G Bennett  titled “Intimations – talks with J G Bennett at Beshara”. This book was a find for me. As I was leaving the bookshop, who should walk in but the head of the centre Ali Elsenossi, a very fine man. A Shaykh I have admired for many years. Various friends of mine have been and still are his students. He led the first Zikr that I attended as part of my first Sufi gathering at the Church in Roseville, way back in about 1999. We talked for about 30 minutes about friends and Life … 30 minutes of total enjoyment. He is a true man.

Susi found her bookshop and books and then the rush back to the hotel. We were a little late but on the way I spied a lovely old sandstone church. Yes, in we went. It was St Joseph’s Catholic Church, dated 1888. A real Temonos. The lovely stained windows with the pure Tasmanian light pouring through them was just  magic. The sculpture’s were life like and the stations of the cross – even Susi commented on their being life like. It was almost like being back at the MONA Gallery … but just different and fewer people. I was in heaven again. Another great day. Thank you Hobart..

Mjw 16/12/12.

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  1. loved reading this blog and fancy being there before the fires�.my friend Cheryl has had her sister and mother loose everything and my dearest friend Jules has been off air for 10 days now and must be remote and where the fires are��no word in this case is not good� brave we have had to be , those of us in environmental disasters that impact so dramatically on each of our lives���I was glad to see you use the word tempos to describe the ambience of the sacred writers group questioned me over whether the word existed or not and I had to give them a reference to this word that shares so much resonance when you know what it means��all good here�.is susi back yet�..Gbas found a piece of gold that a chap will give her 4 grand for! how cool is that��.and Dan is trying to annihilate himself on impossible waves that have come to hawaaii this season..I should never have sung him that man of la match so often��..and gotten Dan to ride his horse backwards with a lance!��i.e. bamboo lance��and painted horse of course��Thora the Stallion..keep them blogs coming love kate�and I haven’t found your book yet but it’s coming�..isn’t synchranicity just beautiful when you find books and people just appearing in your day from what one would call ‘out of the blue! ps the fotos you gave Stu and I are right in front of me��here in the office love them just love them thank you��.

    Dear Kate & Stuart A little info on this word Temenos= ( noun ) = a piece of ground surrounding or adjacent to a temple,a sacred enclosure or precinct.

    Origin early 19th century from Greek, from the stem of temnein ” cut off”.The earliest attested form of the word is the Myceanaean-Greek th-me-no,

    See the concept of temenos in classical Mediterranean culture, The bronze Age of Minoan, Ancient Crete, Olympia,Zeus, Apollo, & C G Jung who relates the temenos to the spellbinding or magic circle,which acts as a ” square-space” or ”safe-spot” where mental/ spiritual work can take place.

    In the Sufi system a Rose Garden is = a temenos.
    In the Buddhist system a Mandala is = a temenos
    In the Hindu system a temple is …= a temenos

    Food for thought,feed upon it.

    Mjw 21/1/13/

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