Entering the Moment 2012-2013


P1040115 P1040094 P1040196 P1040186 P1040174 P1040140 P1040134 P1040131 IMG_0165 IMG_0163 IMG_0160 IMG_0158 P1040219 P1040212 IMG_0172 P1040351 P1040334 P1040327 P1040263 P1060014 P1060480As we move towards the end of 2012. a very Great year, a very fruitful year,a very travelled year both inwardly and outwardly for me. I usually reflect on and into the future -not on the Past. but as this year has been so full on for me .I feel the need to ”  Enter the Moment ” I will share this via some Photos that i took over 2012 at various processes that i was lucky enough to be part off. One must ask the question are these Endings or Beginnings ?? or is it what the Buddha taught on  ” Moments of temporary impermanence  ” ??? Food for thought as we enter into 2013 , What will 2013 bring ? as they say as we think & wish for. so we will attract just that and little else. We all need to formulate a very great Aim or picture of how we see our 2013 and just open our selves to its unfoldment and enjoy all that you conscire forth from this aim. All the Best & Travel well and often over this 2013. Mjw 20th-1-13


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