Spiritual-Rebirth…the Path is narrow.


Over the last two days i attended a Buddhist workshop on the spiritual practice called PHOWA. This was held at the Sakya Dolma Choe Ling centre which is in Eastwood, Sydney. Lama Choedak Rinpoche gave the oral transmission and teachings to this very sacred esoteric  Buddhist practice. to quote Lama …PHOWA is an esoteric Tibetan Buddhist practice to eject and guide the consciousness of the dying and dead. It helps the dead to choose a suitable rebirth and allows the survivors to actively participate in a spiritually constructive process to let go and help the dead move on .

I had known of this practice for years but when it had been offered in the past by other Buddhist centres in Sydney i was either travelling or work commitments stopped me attending. Lucky me i had this weekend totally free and this is the first time this practice has been offered at this centre for a very long time. The teachings were direct,clear and very beneficial plus very timely for me as i was asked recently to be at the side of a dear friend when he dies….I did freak out a little when i was asked. but after the initial little shock ….I feel very privileged to have been asked to be part of this very intimate process. So this teaching given over the last two days for me are very timely. I won’t go into the teachings here or the insights or visions that were presented to me . These sort of teachings one can only experience by directly receiving them from say a wonderful teacher like Lama Choedak. here now I will thank him from the Centre of my Heart, Thank you Lama Choedak for all that i have just received from you. I am enclosing a few photos taken in the Meditation room of the Sakya Dolma Choe Ling over the last two days enjoy .

To quote… The Tibetan Dhammapada…A life of only a single day spent in meditation, conjoined with Wisdom, is better then living a     ……………..hundred years unbalanced and confused.

Mjw 17/2/13


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