Mandala of Healing 3/3/13.


P1070254 P1070255 P1070263 P1070264 P1070266 P1070247 P1070249 P1070250 Unknown-11”Mandala of Healing, Prayer – a moment of stillness,” continuing this great journey of  Absent healing. using a Mandala ( magic circle ) as a spiritual type of doorway. We always need a focal point for these processes in this instance  it is the Mandala. The visualisation process or ritual  really anybody could its all about the intention of both the person leading it and those people attending. Love of being of real ” use ” and the heart felt sharing of ones time and energy. in the bigger Picture of healing one can do only what one is capable of in the stillness of a moment of -Prayer. Here one offers ones time, body and spirit to the process hoping that the Prayer becomes Objective and Greater Life floods into those who we are visualising within the inner circle of this Mandala, They who are in need both in the physical & spiritual sense. A very enjoyable process to unfold . this was series 8, Part 7 in this huge series of Mandalas that I have co-ordinated over the last 15 years . A few Photos of the Mandala , enjoy .




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