Poetry – a Path of Growth .

The heavenly state

The heavenly state

P1050218 P1050217 P1050220Social media i feel is  ” one ”of the ways we Outsider Artists can express that which wells up from the subconscious and needs to be shared with like minded people. So shareing as well as encouraging others to do their bit via Poetry …personal poetry not that which is found in books or on the web. We need to stretch our reach into the subconscious and share our treasures with others . The following sacred Poem  was presented to me last night while reading a friends contribution on my Facebook page . Please start sharing you poetic treasures .

Istanbul Dreaming

The flesh of the soul knows no age.

The life of the essence looks Eastward.

The celestial man & woman knows only the light of Eternity.

The Greatness of Byzantium lives on in Eternity.

Our Future unfolds before our being.

The flesh quivers, shakes, folding before its time.

Ancient bells tolling, all is quite.

Holy-Holy-Holy, chanting monks of Christian Faith.

All is quite…….I remember thee.

Past – Present – Future merge.

The soul, the soul looking Eastward.

Essence,  remembering Why ?

The soul shedding kesdjan body, Glory Glory.

Essence shinning forth, Star like.

the humbleness of Being, bowing – bowing – bowing before thee.

The Path back… Istanbul dreaming.

M J Wright


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