Prayer-touching the boundless Reality,


P1050473 P1050484 P1050486 P1050490 P1050493 P1050596 P1050579The great esoteric Christian mystic, Swedenborg, said of this process  “Prayer ” quote-it is considered in itself, is speaking with God, and at such times a certain internal intuition of things which are the objects of prayer, to which correspond to something like influx into the perception, or thought of the mind of him who prays ; so there is a kind of opening of man”s internals towards God; but this with a difference according to man’s state, and according to the essence of the things which is the the object of Prayer; If the prayer be from love and faith,and it be only celestial and spiritual things, concerning which and for which he prays, then in the prayer , there exists somewhat resembling a revelation, which is manifested in the affection of the person praying, as to hope, consolation, or some internal joy. Prayer is nothing else but communication.  AC. 3285. end quote .

The Sufis  quote -have an input prayer and is often called Zikr or remembrance. ” Remembrance is effective and beneficial which is continuous, perpetual and done with the presence of God in mind. Remembrance which is verbal and in which the heart is busy in play and amusement is only slightly beneficial.” Now other Sufis teach that perpetual recollection or presence with God all the time has preference over verbal worship. The object of remembrance of God is love of the remembered one so that his Gnosis and love may be developed and his proximity may be retained. Dr P Groves 12/7/1988.end quote.

One does not have to be a Buddhist, Sufi, Christian or Hindu to reach out to Greater Life, just open your self in your own intermit – personal way e.g.- sacred dance,Poetry,sports,meditation or just washing the car or dishes try to sense Greater Life communicating with you and enjoy the Journey.

A few Photos of prayerful moments…enjoy.

Mjw 17/3/13


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