Jacob’s Ladder Revisited

Jacob’s Ladder Revisited

This was the third time I had adventured up this Golden ladder seeking Greater Life.

Jacob’s Ladder Revisited was the title or signpost showing the way for this year-long journey of what we could term  ”The Great Journey of the soul back to its source. This is Jacob’s Ladder. ”

The exhibiting artists were Robert Bryce, Liz Coggins and myself. Robert showing works painted on silk, Liz showing large painting-print-collages, and myself a series of 9o pastel-pen drawings. All three of us attempted to illustrate this Psycho-spiritual process in our own way. Joe Vandermeer gave a most wonderful discourse on this process of Jacob’s Ladder which complemented the artists’ efforts of their artistic spiritual Journey. We thank Joe for his great contribution.

”And he dreamed, and behold a ladder set on the earth, and its head reaching to heaven;

and behold the angels of God ascending and descending on it”.

A brief explanation of the above statement from Genesis 28:12 from Dr P Groves writings.

Here dream corresponds to insight or foresight. Ladder set on the earth represents the establishment of communication with the lowest or natural truths signified by earth. Since the untransformed person is at the level of earth and wishes to undergo transformation and rebirth. They must sound a big Do inside themselves in order to initiate an ascending octave or ladder that will reach upwards towards Divine things. In Hebrew the word ladder is derived from a term that means ”a way ” or  ”path” and so a scale, octave or ladder is an internal way of establishing communication with highest things.

(For further information on the writings of Dr P Groves, go to Triam Press Australia.)

A few Photos of the evenings process which was held on 26th March 2013 at the venue The New Church. Roseville NSW.

Michael J Wright


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