The Green Man


220px-Khidr_and_elijah 729580 Tree Spirit-S sufirose6xc xDSCN3085 images-3The Night of Khidr – Khidr is a revered figure of the Sufis, the Quran describes him as a righteous servant of God, Who possessed great Wisdom or Mystic knowledge, In the Sufi tradition, Khidr has come to be known as one of those who receive illumination direct from God with out human mediation. He is the hidden initiator of those who walk the Mystical Path.

I was very lucky to have attended a Sufi zikr last night.  In Remembrance of God ,and celebrating the Night of Khidr at an old Friends place in Castlecrag, Sydney. Thank you Jack and fellow ” Work- friends” for a very special night of Objective Prayer.

Michael J Wright – 6th-5-13.

Enjoy a few Photos of the Green – Man from the internet.


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