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The spirit of India stirs the soul constantly, The continueing journey, A great nights sleep in my comfortable Agra hotel. quick breakfast, repacking, the greeting of my rally car driver in the hotels car park-got the day off to a good start. our next destination Bateshwar..which  was I though about 70ks drive  away ? but who knows ? how long is a piece of string here in India ???..which piece of string ?…….some time later, lots of wrong roads travelled, we arrived at this wondrous, very deserted, ancient Hindu pilgrimage site of Bateshwar, a little drama before i even started to enjoy & explore this ancient state of Holiness, My rally car driver decided that he would enjoy the ancient culture too—he wandered off leaving the car unlocked with my bag laying on the back seat for all to see and—-?, yes it had my laptop etc etc etc in it —–did i get angry…NO…I very calmly  yelled at my own stupidity for leaving it there in the first place. then suggested he be more thoughtful of caring  for the car and whats in it—–this was all lost on him because he did not understand a bloody word i was saying GGGGGrrrrrrrr———-, Worst of all he just smiled at me, I do sort of like him, what can I say ?

So this ancient holy place of Bateshwar, Wow, the architecture, the holy lake, a real photo-artists-dream, it had a small number of working temples but for the most part it is a museum of Hindu past religion. The working temples I loved very much. these i am increasingly seeing as the Real essence of India. these feed and nourish my soul. here I will leave the verbal chatter and share visual delights. after this state of Bateshwar we were driving to Gawalier to stay the night there. as we drove along I saw a lovely little inviting Hindu temple nested on a small hill side- yep I needed to go feed the soul again, wow, It had a lovely resident Guru. a Holy man,a Baba, he showed me around his very clean, well waterd little garden sanctuary, He had a very nice presence, we chatted, about what ? I no Hindu, He no English,. lots of head wobbling, big smiles, hugs , tea and yummy biscuits and of cause Photos–to stroke the ego, just point a camera at a person…..loved it, he was such a lovely man, we got on like a house on fire…during which he gave me his very lovely wooden mala from around his neck, saying in broken English ” you now Baba ” MMMMmmmm….I could get use to this title Baba, Baba Michael, has a certain ring to it….what do you think ? So after some half hour with him, lots of hugs, best wishes etc etc I was about to leave and i said hers my business card with my name etc on it, He immediately dashed into his cave hideaway. emerging with a huge smile on his face, he too had a business card–as you do when you are a Guru living in a cave. AAArr—India I just love it, back in the car my rally car driver was very impressed by my new Baba image and mala present…..I was now officially called by him Baba Michael, We drove to Gawalier where I stayed in Faulty towers hotel  (see my Facebook page for a little Blurb on this bloody adventure ). some Photos enjoy, God I feel as if I have been here a month ?? but only 2 days………To Sojourn.


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