To- Sojourn-India.


P1070618 P1070620Sorry to everybody who has looked at this Blog in the last several weeks—I’ve been busy preparing  ”stuff ” for this Sojourn across Nth India in October- November, Lot’s & Lot’s of what some call baggage and this is where the Journey begins. Susi drove me to Sydney International airport on Monday ( 1/9/13 ) for my 5-40pm Singapore Fight to Delhi, I did weigh my 4 LG bags before leaving home MMMMMmmmm…….A little over weight-not saying here how much, but the check in girl for Singapore Airlines just smiled at me as if to say O GOD ANOTHER PERSON WITH LIFE ISSUES and lots of baggage, she was Wright about the excess baggage, only God and myself know of the other issues. So a lot of grovelling  ( I am a good groveller )  to the check in girl—she was sympathetic to my story which was of cause all True, but after sharing Argy-Bargy about me with her supervisor i got that half smile which  to me was you aint-arr going any where till you bend over and we look deeply into your wallet—-she did 10kgs at $34- per Kg = $340- on the bright side it’s helping the Singapore economy –me Not happy,

The flight to Singapore was uneventful – good service, good airline food, etc etc, no one threw up from bad wine, no one died and above all there were no screaming babies at all.  and YES i saw 3 Star Trek movies –Loved it, though I did think that I had gone blind in one eye—–but upon closer inspection I discovered  i had crap all over one of my glasse’s lens- yes i cleaned it and behold I could see again …Holy revelation. Singapore International airport is just Huge- clean, sterile, orderly,always looking new, people always smiling, What is there to smile about after a 9hr flight at 2am in the morning…? I did manage to buy my self a very nice little silver calculated. $4- may come in handy at some stage of this 5 week Journey. I did manage to take a couple of flower photo’s – wow the flower shows they put on for the herded masse’s is just breath-taking, love it.

The flight from Singapore to Delhi was orderly, quite, and peaceful, those who were going to throw up had done so by now and were sleeping calmly. just before landing we were told over the plane pa system that on arrival in Delhi all bags were to be screened by customs–MMMMmmmm….. my heart had a little flutter, I thought to my self I may have to pay import duties on my 21 pieces of art-works stashed in 2 very large suite cases. What does one do in these situations ??? ….just stack them high on your trolley and swagger right on through the bloody chaos of Delhi airport, ( I will point out here, I felt that I was doing nothing illegal just not declaring my art works which have no real monetary value, ) So I swagered on out through gate 6 , looking-looking-looking for my driver-pick up man, walked the Path of all the hire car drivers MMMMMMmmmmm……no bloody sign with my name on it. I am a very patient person especially in India. I waited and waited still no one came for me after 2 hrs people were starting to get edgy with me standing around with 4 huge strange looking suit cases on a trolley. God i looked all over the place where my man might be —except inside gate 4, but thats another bloody story, I ended up jumping a grubby taxi into Delhi, to the World Buddhist Centre, I had planned to go drop off lots of my baggage in their storage, till my return to Delhi in several days, I told my story of wait in in vain to all who would listen at this centre. lots of shaking of heads and lets have a cup of tea the call the taxi Co…. 2hrs later the hire car driver and his manager turned up, Why didn’t I see them waiting at gate 4 at the airport ?? they were there from 5-30am till 9-30am. Why was i not there ? well I did point out to both of them that yes i was there waiting for them-but at gate 6 where every body who had just landed were passing through. now here I pointed out to them gate 4  was mainly for people who were departing Delhi it was an exit gate, O Bloody Dear. So I first of all told the manager of the hire car co where i wanted to go and for how long….and did the driver understand what i had just said ?? of cause said the manager, he understands and speaks English very well… the alarm bells should have been ringing loudly….but I had just spent 16hrs travelling all night and i wanted to get onto the road to Agra my stop over point for that night, Paid 10.000rps part-payment on my driver an car for the next 6 days. my driver drove like a rally car driver- he was good, quite, non smoker or drinker etc. I thought yes i have a good driver here, we arrived in Agra about 6pm. about 5hrs later then i wanted to be there. well my driver just kept driving to the outskirts of Agra…..???..I said where are you going ? after a few strange looks from both of us I realised that he understood not one word of what i was saying—I had been sold a bloody lame duck as they say, I was quite firm with him at this stage threatening  to perhaps kill him if he did not take me to my hotel back in the centre of Agra—strange he some how understood my threat—as if he had experienced it before from other tourists..????.. I grazed at a very nice local restaurant that I knew well. called” A Touch Of Spice. ” very yummy food. then into my hotel bed sleep like a log.   Day one,and It’s looking good,


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