P1070683 P1070682 P1070665 P1070674 P1070684 P1070650 P1070685 P1070636 P1070622 P1070635 P1070632 P1070640 P1070638 P1070690Gowalier, west of Agra. overnight in” Faulty Towers.” woke this morning to the sound of very heavy rain mmmmm….nothing like slushing around in mud and getting wet at the same time. yes It’s ganner be a good day,Great breakfast in the hotels dinning room. I think that I am the only one staying here in this 40 odd room hotel. the staff could not do enough for me and when they did it was mostly stuffed up….hence the name ”Faulty Towers.”

My rally car driver was waiting too just go— of we went he with the bit in his mouth and fire in his heart to get to our next destination..he thought Khajuraho ?? I said no we are going to the Sun temple complex just down the road…at least that’s where i was told it was…? well he did not like this at all. with a smile on his face he kept saying we go to Khajuraho…? he got a firm No from me. We go to Sun Temple…….it took the better part of 45 minutes to actually find it, then when we did it was teeming down with rain.and i did not have an umberlla …he just smiled at me and said now we Khajuraho ? …the Susi principal just automatically kicked I said we go to markets and i buy umbrella then we come back here…at this point he just knew who was Boss and who was rally driver…..sad to pull rank. but sometimes you just gotta do it.

With umbrella in hands i climbed the ancient steps of this very Holy beautifully restored Sun temple. it was so full of symbolism. just the whole structure spoke of DIVINITY over and over. I just loved it. and yes i was still wearing my lovely new Baba mala. interesting the resident priest inside the temple took a shine to my presence and started to follow me around as i photographed  lots of very interesting carvings that doted the external shell. and of cause as he followed me around watching my every move he too had several people watching him watch me …O Bloody Dear….Baba Michael on parade. but this place was a real gem even in the rain. see some yummy Photo’s of this  ( state ) place and enjoy.

Then we started our huge drive to the Erotic temple complex of Khajuraho…I must say here i have been on some really bad roads in my travels but this was the worst one….not pot holes…craters…..and sometimes no road at all….they must get really badly damaged in the wet season. who knows, but it took us 12 hrs to travel 180 miles. we arrived in Khajuraho at about 9pm…did the usual checking of hotels …the first 6 or so just did not met my needs…finally i arrived at the place i really wanted to stay in …Wow it was elegant, Big, had lots of beautiful art-works every where…I was at home . so I swaddled up to reception asking the usual questions and was told 4500rps per night, too much i said, the manager looked a little surprised at my response to him…he quickly got on the phone to his boss. 3000rps he said, too much I replied, he rang his boss again 2500rps he said, no too much i replied. he rang his boss yet again….at this point i will point out his boss was sitting about 4 mtrs away across the room…another ” Faulty-Towers ” perhaps ? no not 2 in one day…?…I then said my lowest offer is 1800rps he without phoning his boss said It’s a deal. I like a person who lives a little dangerously. I felt good i was about to stay in utter decadence regardless of the cost. Ar, but wait i had forgotten to ask if the WiFi was included..? no he said with a huge grin on his face. how much i asked ? 500rps per night too much i said, he still smiling said thats the price and thats it. he then folded his arms across his here Susis principal kicked in , too bad i will not be paying that hight cost for Wi Fi and left, we were both losing out …I the comfort he the Rupees, on we drove in the bloody pouring rain. Some 5 hotels later i found the ” one ” on the main drag . The lovely Surya hotel run by a Jain family clean , homely , lots of lovely art works all around the hallways and rooms . and  it cost a modest 800rps per night +100 extra for Wi Fi.  but it never worked in the part of the hotel that i was staying in.  also has a very nice veg restaurant out the back,  yummy food and music. I was in Khajuraho heaven. food wash the warn body then to bed too sleep the days events away. enjoy some Photos of the Sun temple. another day in India. i think day 4 ? but could be wrong,


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