IMG_2007 IMG_2141 IMG_2203 P1070693 IMG_2228 IMG_2086 IMG_2088 IMG_2049 IMG_2025 IMG_2027 P1070705 IMG_2146 IMG_2234 IMG_2144 IMG_2100 IMG_2242 IMG_2207 IMG_2241Friday 4/10/13- Khajuraho. this place is temple city. some Erotic….but in who’s eyes ? the huge temple complex is really something else…but to just a working museum…all dead, no ceremonies, puja’s or pilgrims. just empty shells of their former selves–but i will say as with other sacred structures they are all full of instructions to tell, to show, to instruct, all who have Ear’s in their hearts how to grow a ” soul ”. I lovely huge Hindu temple just out side the Temple park was the real thing, it had at its centre  a 9 FT high solid stone Lignan Wow this was something….very moved here, this was worth travelling for 2 days to see. I managed to get connected to the internet using my Indian dongle a NEW-FRIEND helped me …..mmmmmmm….. a tout…Noo— not around Me? he was an honest bloke visiting his parents on holidays…MMMMMM….? Anyway he showed me around town on his motorbike —Arrr— easy -rider times were here…..but a lot of fun, he showed my various little temples & shrines that the average tourist just does not see and i thanked him for that by buying him lunch-then dinner-then breakfast-then lunch- then dinner-then on the last day there breakfast…here he seemed to eat most things on the bloody menue including a huge bowel of red pasta cost me a fortune then on our way back to Delhi he got a lift to the railway station, he was meeting a friend…??? as we neared the railway station. he turned to me and said .Brother it would be wonderful if i had a little something to remind me of you….?  I thought for a few moments, then turned to him and said every time you need to think of me just Remember the huge bowel of Red Pasta that you just threw down your big mouth, he just looked at me and knew, The drive back to Delhi via Agra was just the worst, I thought it would never bloody end, my rally car driver said …mmmm …about 10hrs, it took 17 hrs. If i threw up most of the way i would have felt better, but No not once…mmmm…., the rally driver wanted to stop in Agra for the night…..No bloody way…Susi’es principals clicked in,  we drove on to Delhi got there at 1am next day, on arrival the driver asked for about 5,000 fps more then i was willing to pay fore….. i will edit this part of conversation..suggesting his boss come see me in the morning this he did not like as he disliked his boss- too bad, I had reached The World Buddhist Centre in Delhi, A little haven, I am at rest, sleep. see a few Photos of Khajuraho. Mjw.


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