P1070713 P1070710 P1070709 P1070708Monday 7/10/13. Delhi , It’s the catch up treadmill, I the journeyman. It’s India just never forget this. here we are on ” Rubbery- Time ” Lots of head shaking and thinking—-MMMMmmm….? Lots of very important things to think about and think about………I am in Delhi staying at the very lovely World Buddhist Centre…I just love it and No TV—-What can i say ? It.s clean, has hot water, comfortable rooms, Wi-Fi, 3 meals a day all veg– and Goooood food, I may go veg—??? and also coffee for the special guests….eg those who ask for it…like me , most Buddhist travellers are too polite to ask…they miss out. all these wonderful goodies for around $30- per day/night. Wow, keep it a secret too good to share, No do share Please It’s a Great place for the traveller to stay a while and enjoy the wonderful peace of this place as i have and will do so again in a couple of weeks,  I am in Delhi to get my art work printed up …Photo’s to canvas for my solo exhibition starting on 111/10/13 in the Rock Garden in Chandigarh so lots to do in 2 days. a few Photos to enjoy, Mjw,


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