P1070715 P1070716 P1070761 P1070758Thursday 10/10/13. Chandigarh. after a good nights sleep in my lovely hotel City Plaza. got myself together and jumped a 3 wheeler to the Rock Garden. the usual haggling for cost. they always start at 150rps—i know the average price is 50…don’t mind going to 50 but thats it. usually after 3 or so go’s we get the 50rpe picture…yes it gets a little tedious but thats how it is -i am not complaining it is very cheap to travel here in India, It’s just the games they play. The Rock Garden. I managed to see Nek Chand straight away as he was in his office doing what he does best. he remembered me from last year and was again happy that I was again in Chandigarh . and he was happy that i was having two exhibitions at the location of the first waterfall in his visionary Kingdom of the Gods. I discussed my plans for theses two shows and he agreed to provide as much help as I needed. I gave him posters of both shows and a catalogue of my show. I do feel very privileged to have the opportunity again to show a few works of my art in this Garden of the Gods. So the path was sign posted, I just now need to walk it. I had an old photo of myself and Nek Chand blown up and printed on to canvas in Delhi. the photo was taken in Nek Chands office back in 2003 at our first meeting Wow 10 years past, time does fly he loved it and said it will take centre stage in his new museum when it is finished… we both laughted. he said i hope it is soon. I said my thanks and left. what a joy to be around such a man of vision. I jumped another 3 wheeler into the city on the way i went to the college of fine arts and the City museum and put up flyers every where to advertise the art competition that was to unfold on Saturday. lucky i did this as nobody had told the art college students about this art competition…my person here must have forgotten or something ??? but anyway the art students who i spoke to were all very enthusiastic about exhibiting in the Rock Garden good for their CVs and the possibility of winning 10,000rps . after here  I jumped a 3 wheeler back to the City and  wandered around the local market area wasting time as i need to buy nothing—- dinner alone, hotel and FB-emails & sleep. Mjw


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