P1070886Wednesday 9/10/13. long drive by car and rally driver up to Chandigarh. booked in to my second most favourite hotel in this very new modern town..The Hotel Plaza 17. in sector 17. the usual Argy-Bargy.starting price 2500rps  per night after some moments of back and forth ” stuff’ ”a price of 1700rps covering breakfast and all taxes was agreed-upon. all round happiness descended upon us,..-almost a  feel good, state ! but not quite, the head  waiter/ porter asked quietly ? was that woman who came here last September with my group here again ..??? No I replied, I wonder who he meant…???. so I unpacked, God i have so much baggage with me not forgetting the 3 bags i left in Delhi…AAAAArrrr ——–help,

Tonight I just wandered around town, bought some art materials, good quality maps–they are hard to find beyond here,had a good dinner by my self and pondered upon the coming 3 days of my solo show and the art competition both to be held in the wonderful Nek Chand Rock Garden starting tomorrow and can you bloody believe it my contact on the ground in Chandigarh has disappeared down a rabbit .MMMMmmmm……AAAArrrrr———F—–,

A good deep breath and ponder these few wonderful Cosmic words below as they will get me through the days ahead enjoy. Mjw.

Nah-mas-tay ( sanskrit ) ….for = My soul recognises your soul, I honour the light, Love,beauty,truth,and kindness within you because it is also within me, In sharing these things there is no distance, no difference between us, We are the same. We are…. ONE = The Infinite in me honours the Infinite in you …Namaste,


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