P1070733 P1070739 P1070738 P1070737 P1070736 P1070735 P1070734 P1070740 P1070741 P1070742 P1070743 P1070744Friday 11/10/13. Did the usual Argy-Bargy..breakfast, getting my shit together, all the artworks and associated baggage  all into 2 huge carry bags…Wow even I am a little  overwhelmed with the amount of ” stuff ” I need to take to the Rock Garden for the start of my exhibition which is titled ” Faces as Doorways to the Unknowable ” this is series 9 in my ongoing process of  ”Aspects of Divinity ”being a  series of unfolding spiritual art process’s. I plan to do over the years ahead God willing. they will total 49. ( see images of the 12 Photos to canvas ) ,

11am, the Rock Garden. Nek Chand is not in his office yet – He may come soon I am told ??? I need to get stuff out of the lock up and a helper who was promised me….I wait & wait & wait & wait finally 12-30 an art student turned up he spoke good English and so was my guide for a while lots of Argy-bargy later and I was set up with a man to help, the keys were found for the lock up…lots of Politic’s going on here, yes It’s all about power…I just skimmed the surface and moved on .

The first waterfall area, my gallery space for the next 3 days. Last year I put up tripods to display the art-works. looked great. but upon touching any of the art-works they all bloody-well fell over much to the amusement and delight of those present. So i did an Outsider hanging system —strung a red nylon rope line across the Rock Face and dangled my art pieces from it ….MMMMmmmm….it worked and thats what counts. I strung my 12 pieces of Photos to canvas onto this art line Wow…Beautiful——.and settled in to watch the passing parade , I am told that around 3000 people visit the Rock Garden every day. today i feel it has been twice that number. lots of interest in the images…most said the price was too high 3500rps each. my reply was well how much then ??? all said we don’t buy art  !!!!! Indians are in the general a very conservative lot, and this reply was expected. but still in the all i was getting lots of great comments .

About 3pm my friend and fellow artist Daria turned up with her new Chandigarh friend Heidi,  Daria I met back in 2011 when i had a solo show up in the Roerich centre in Naggar, which is in the Kullu valley and we have been friends since. she was down her to buy art materials and to help me with the art competition tomorrow, A wonderful friend. We three chatted about art, travel,spirituality, a little Politics and where to eat next ? food is always on the agender when one travels. 5-30pm . packed up the Outsider show. leaving it in the newly opened Rock Garden cafe ( it is called The Cafeteria ?? ) over night –too hard to find the man with the keys for the lock up . Hidie has a lovely silver car. she drove us to her favourite Chinese restaurant yummy food ,Great conversation, good to get out of Chandigarhs dusty humidity for a while and just BE, they dropped me at my hotel 9pm, they do things early around  here. another day in Chandigarh Love it.  In to my hotel room straight onto FB, Emails, Face time with Susi who is holidaying in Western Australia with our friend Caroline…..till tomorrow, Mjw,


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