P1070801 P1070800 P1070799 P1070807 P1070806 P1070805 P1070804 P1070803 P1070802 P1070813 P1070812 P1070811 P1070810 P1070809 P1070808Saturday 12/10/13. The usual Bla-Bla-Bla……for the mornings stuff. the Rock Garden 11am my wonderful helper is there all smiles, I have asked him his name several times …he just keeps smiling, Got the Outsider hanging system untangled  ‘ fu—” bloody red rope, hung the 12 images etc. at this point the gang of Art students-eager to Please,  were attempting to get my full attention. but I said to them It’s only 11-30…not 12-noon  ? I had requested on the flyer that they all meet at the first waterfall in the RG at 12– a very keen lot, I like it, So finally i spoke and gave them the brief on what to draw and that was on landscape—–on clear aspect of the RG…they all shook there heads …yes we bloody know what you want…and off they went all 35 of them. God was in his heaven and all was quite,

Avery nice day in the RG lots of people commented on what was on show. during this time a group of Nek Chand Foundation volunteers wandered into our area…they had arrived the night before and were a little disoriented dare i say just lost….great bunch of people we chatted for a short time and off they went we promised to catch up for dinner …soon,

At 4pm the gang of art students were gathering, another Outsider hanging system was set up and the hanging begun, I think i counted 37 images all a3 in size. but now did i really request all to be done in landscape…????…I think i did ..??..AAArrrrrr—–bloody hell . I tried, thats all I can do, But let me tell you What an effort these fine artists put into their respective works …Wow. all were just fantastic, remembering these were done in the Rock Garden over a 3hr period . I am very impressed by the standard of artistic endeavour by all who participated in this my 3d art competition to be held in this wonderful visionary Rock Garden of Nek Chands here in Chandigarh.

The two judges were myself and Daria and Heidi, we wandered up and down the string line several times looking at and pointing at selected pieces, as there can only be one winner we chose a lovely piece for first prize. .but the i thought well what to do about second and third prize ? I was promised certificates and a trophy would be ready and available on the day from my Chandigarh contact person….MMMmmmm…….lost in translation. moving right along,  I decided to give these second & third winners one each of their choosing …one of my current Art works on display …the gang of fellow artists just loved this, I love their enthusiasm.  pity the Human race is not made up solely of artists… that would be interesting ? all over and done with lots of group photos and a very big thanks to all who contributed to this process . Mjw .


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