Wednesday16/10/13, As i am still in Chandigarh tidying a few things up before leaving for Amritsar. I had the afternoon off what to do ?? a conversation i had with my new friend Heidi who is currently based in Chandigarh about the local places worth visiting she happened to mention a place called Solan which i am told is about 2hrs drive Nth of here and Heidi said there is a very special Bon-po Monastery there and its worth the dusty drive to see it. So another car and driver ..lucky me it was the guy that drove me up from Delhi last Wednesday . So off we went about half way there he asked me for the address ? i said Solan !!!! at this point he stopped smiling and rang his boos back in Chandigarh….lots of Argy-Bargy…then he started smiling again, 2 hrs later we arrived atIMG_2480 IMG_2482 IMG_2481 IMG_2506 IMG_2517 IMG_2518 IMG_2523 IMG_2531 IMG_2530 IMG_2532 IMG_2534 IMG_2526 IMG_2545 IMG_2547 IMG_2541 IMG_2533 IMG_2544 IMG_2575 IMG_2557 IMG_2568 IMG_2540 IMG_2555 IMG_2582 was a further 20 or so Ks- up the dusty rough Rajgarh rd. So we drove and drove stopping along the way about every 2ks to ask further directions  …O dear….at this point we had been travelling just under 4hrs…and it was getting late..around 4pm…what to do ?…just keep driving as you Do, then we turned a sharp bend and there were a row of huge beautiful white Prayer Flags fluttering in the gentle zephyr in welcome to us. A feeling came over me at this point— but on we drove still no sign of the Monastery ..we turned another asharp bend and too my surprise the were hundreds and hundreds of school children an red robed monks on either side of the road I bowed in prayerful pose to them and the response was just over whelming—-remembering I am seated in a big white car , tinted sort of windows with a driver. we drove to the main stairway of this huge Monastery, Wow there were thousands of red robed monks all looking at me when i got out of my big white car….I felt a little embarrassed that my driver pulled up at these steps which led to the main entrance to the Monastery.and being the visiter that i am I just walked straight up these stairs. finding a gap in this huge crowd or gathering of monks i attempted to just blend in …impossible as they were all staring at me…MMMmmmm….at this point in time i asked a few monks what was going on here ? finally an English speaking monk filled me in..He said i was very very lucky in my timing as the head Abbot or Lama of all the Bon-po following was just arriving for the close of a very special once a year Huge 7 day fire puja, at this point the Abbot arrive… he looked like the Dalia Lama as was seen at the same level as his Holiness. and here i was just 2 feet from him lucky me. Wow It’s all about the timing and i just seem to be there  for it ? Do I attract it ? or does it attract me ? So for the next 2 hours I was again in Bliss land, the colour, the ritual, the sacred music,the chanting of Mantras and Prayers and then the final ritual of blessing of food and tea for all of us to take in the Baraka or Embrosia that had been generated over the 7 days of this fire puja . the throwing of the blessed Mantra totems into the sacred fire as offerings . along with the prayers offerings to the Wrathfull fire Diety that was being  the centre of this huge process who was called  ” Kunrig ”…I felt very privileged to be here at the close of this very deep ceremony…again i ask why was i here just at the close of this huge process  being held here at this Bon-po monastery called Menri-Monastery ???

A bit of luck, i met a very nice couple here that i first met in The Roerich centre in Naggar, Kullu valley back in late 2011. we exchanged gossip, news about people wee both new, then it was time to go back down the Mountain road to Chandigarh, my driver was good, a rally driver-but i feel had a definite death wish… i had to tell him to slow down on over taking Trucks on blind corners. we arrived in Chandigarh in one piece..i think? in just over 2hrs not bad considering it took just under 4hrs to get there….another day in India. but hey-WOW. some photos enjoy. Mjw.


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