P1070871 P1070866 P1070865 P1070858 P1070860 P1070899 P1070911 P1070870 P1070868 P1070888 P1070887 P1070885 P1070898 P1070879 P1070878 P1070875 P1070872 P1070892 P1070918Tuesday 15/10/13. After all the good buy’s to Heidi and Daria yesterday there was a vacuum in my life so I hired a car an driver to tale me to the little town of Sirhind. i was told it was only 1hrs drive by car, the local taxi Co i had used in the past were good but i did say that i needed a driver who understood a little English….AAAAAArrrrrrrrrrr———–F—–, I have to admit  I almost lost it completely….it was also FULL-MOON a bad combination…..but i was determined to get to this place. I t was or is the resting place for 2 very famous Sufi Shaykh’s of the   Haggani Naqshbandi Golden Chain. my friend Shaykh Hatem based in Sydney told me of this Golden Chain. so I said that next time i am in that area of India  i will visit these tombs for Blessings. The two Saints are no 26 in the Golden chain Muhammad Al-Masum goddess-l Lahu- Sirrah and the second one was no 27 in the Golden chain Muhammad Sayfuddin Al-Faruqi-Al-MujaddidimGoddosa-Al-Lahu-Sirrah.

So an adventure started. after lots of Argy-Bargy…and back and forth stuff my driver found the place …partly my fault I was told it was in Sirhind…??..but No it was in a near by little place called Fatehgarh and the name of the centre was not Khawaja Saifuddin tomb, it was known by its local name of Dargah-Sharif…MMMMmmmm…lots of deep breathing had by both of us. At the entrance to this place I bought 2 Chaddar cloths to place upon the tombs of these saints to gather up some sacred Baraka to take home with me. Upon entering the huge Dargah complex i was greeted by a very lovely friendly Sufi man. who turned out to be the Shaykh’s brother. he showed me around every nock and cranny in this very special place ..I was allowed to meditate in each of the resting places of each of the Sufi saints mentioned. A very nice -deeply felt experience for me just being here and enjoying these moments. lots of Photos, I was given a lovely Chadder cloth from the main tomb, cups of tea exchange of business cards—as you do, hugs and thanks and i was in Bliss heaven all the way back to Chandigarh. another day in Indian, Mjw.


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