IMG_2878 IMG_2890 IMG_2893 IMG_2895 IMG_2885 IMG_2914 IMG_2903 IMG_2961 IMG_2942 IMG_2916 IMG_2976 IMG_2904 IMG_2993 IMG_3011 IMG_3012 IMG_3019 IMG_2924 IMG_3000 IMG_3034Monday 21/10/13. Amritsar. I have been here 4 days now and you can always tell when It’s time to move on. the taxi drivers stop hassling you and they call you by your first name or just Ozzie——and they laugh when you tell them that you hate cricket.  especially when the Indian team just thrashed the Ozzie team–boring,  God I would rather watch grass grow the cricket.

Amritsar is a bit of a frontier town to me, very little catering for the Western visiter food wise , only just a few fair restaurants, Brothers is the main one in town but only Indian or Chinese vegetarian and you know what its like when you can’t have choice . the body craves that which i can’t have—–We are funny creatures ? A couple of banking stories  ( back in OZ land we could bore the pants off you with tales of wo- regarding banks ) back in Chandigarh last week I went to the reception counter of my hotel, asking the manager where can I change some Australian dollars into Rupees ? in the good old days it would be just step around the corner and lets make a black-market deal….TOO simple for this day and time, the manager says go down stairs and go to the Travel agent say I sent you. down i go the usual Blab- Blab…no i was told you have to go to the bank….just down the street, off i go, after lining up for some time in the bank, finally got to the teller, a young , nice smiling woman, she lent over to me and said No we don’t change overseas currency…but if you go down to the shoe shop just down the street they will help you…MMMMmmmm…..Off i go . upon entering the shoe shop i was quickly eyed over by the man in charge . he could see that i was not a shoe customer . I said i was sent by the bank. He replied by saying that the Indian cricket team was about to thrash the Ozie team….I smiled, He knew that i did not care a rat’s ass either way, He called his man to bring the cash, a few minutes later I spotted a guy making his way directly towards the shoe shop across the mall.  with a Big minder just behind him. we made eye contact as he sat down.  at this point i notice a few others who had blended into the shops shoe shoppers . come over to the money counter. I was presented with a big bundle of notes. The man, asking if i wanted to count it ? I just smiled and said why ? we both knew i would be back for more and there was no need for mistrust. Today I had a similar adventure in Amritsar but i won’t bore you with the details…It’s just the Journey they say. not the final destination…not sure Who they are ?

Though its very dusty here, the beautiful little alley-ways i just love packed with all variety of shops to satisfy every whim, little shrines and temples are every where for those who follow their local Diety to pay homage to as they pass by. I like the old section of this City of Amritsar not forgetting the centre of attention The Golden Temple, which is the Holiest of the Holiest places of contemplation for the Worlds Sikh community. just beautiful . a Golden Temple set in the middle of a beautiful man made lake. this in turn is surrounded by a walled mandalic structure of buildings. this is encased by a lovely walled garden …very multilayer symbolism here . I could go on and on but will not, The temple to me represents a Great heavenly state of Divine Good. surrounded by the waters of Divine truth etc etc. It’s got WOW–factor all about it. not forgetting the constant chanting of verses from their Holy books which is very beautifully pleasing on the ears this chatting seems to never stop. but is very beautiful and i enjoy it very much.

I did the temple tours yesterday, The Golden Temple early morning just loved it, then out to the strange hindue temple complex called Mata- Lal- Devi- mandir- temple, this place is just a rabbit warren of tunnels and passageways to me it represents spiritually a ” Journey through our unconscious  ” see what Jung says of this journey, plus its a giant Labyrinth to walk it in……….”.Remembrance of God ” is a very healing process. ( remember, its the journey,not the destination ) It also reminded me of the ancient egyptian process of the Ami-Duat, the journey through the under world. ..I took lots of lovely pictures here enjoyed the days daily puja ate blessed food was given holy flowers etc etc I loved the people of this place as well as it inner teaching content, then i visited a beautiful Christian cathedral, St Paul’s, very lovely inner state was felt here.and beautiful stained glass windows behind the simple alter. lovely to experience, then to top the day off I visited the very quite meditative Sufi state of Dargah Hazrat Peer-Baba-Sher-Shah- Wali , at naushal quandri .  again a very lovely state to enjoy and experience, the quietness was just unbelievable. Then back to town. coffee and cake in the local .then back to wander the alley-ways just enjoying the atmosphere of this Old city. discovering along the way little very beautiful  shrines and temples to a variety of local Deities  and more well know Hindu Gods and Goddess’s … I am just about Photoed out …..Tonight catch up on emails, FB, FaceTime with Susi, pay my hotel bill. pack in readiness for my 5am departure on the Shabdi express to Delhi in the morning. a distance of 448 miles, cost 1000-47 rupees, this is half price . as i am a senior now,  an advantage at last, see you in Delhi. Mjw. enjoy the Photos.


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